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My bad blood test

Discussion in 'General Symptoms' started by kallogann, Jun 10, 2018.

  1. kallogann


    Hello guys i just did a full blood test, and well i'm almost deficient everywhere :(

    I did put parts of the results in attachments

    cuivre = copper
    iode urinaire = urinary iodine

    My main concerns are that vitamin D, iodine and zinc....

    i don't know about zinc copper ratio, i'm low in both and if you put them in the same unit, they are both at 500ish

    About the urinary neurotransmitters part, i know it's not a very reliable indicator for brain chemistry cause you get the whole peripheric system, but still, seeing i'm largely dominant in norepinephrine and especially epinephrine kind of explain why i'm riddled by anxiety on a daily basis.

    At least i don't have candida or histamine omega 3 is deficient too not that matters at this point.

    I went crazy on effexor ( noradrenaline i think) and I'm on lexapro 10 mg but it doesn't seem to work anymore still i can't get rid of it without deeling like death
    my symptoms started overnight after my first panic attack, after that i had vertigo brain fog and panic attack every evening, sometimes even in the morning...It was hellish i couln't read or watch a movie or anything i was losing my mind and had blurry vision. After a few days i went to the doctor who gave me alprazolam, i'm a very good responder, all my symptoms disappeared after one pill, it was magical, no more brainfog, my mind was sharp again, i never felt so good in a long time. The issue is that it doesn't solve the cause of course, and if i don't take everyday, it's full blown panic attack again. Now of course i'm addicted, After two years of very conservative use i went up to 0.75 mg a day, it is working less and less tho. I think what calms me is that it lowers adrenaline or cortisol or glutamate or whatever overstimulated pathway. something is draining my body and brain.

    Also from what i read i think i'm an overmethylator, if that matters.

    i see my doctor soon and will ask for a thyroid check up also b6 and cortisol cycle. I need to get that vitamin d to at least 50....that will be a long run...i'm in a state where any supplements make me feel worse but maybe i need to reboot my sluggish body and it will hurt at first...

    Thoughts on where to start ?

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  2. Eastman

    Eastman Senior Member

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  3. notmyself

    notmyself Senior Member

    solve the vit d can cause all the symtoms ;) read about it...
  4. kallogann


    i read a ton about it it's a very powerfull vitamin indeed, that's an understatement...
    problem is i just took 100 000 UI and it puts me in the most horrible state i experienced so far, each time it's the same thing...i need to take tons of xanax not to die from panic attack or debiliting brain fog.
    I don't know if the dose is too high or if i lack cofactors but damn i want to die right now...fuck it's been almost two weeks.

    Any supplement i take do that to me : methyl folate( despite being deficient) magnesium, omega 3, multi-vitamins, i'm getting tired to fight the unknown, my state is becoming worse and worse.

    It's like i have huge brain inflammation, i have insane amount of acid arachidonic in my blood test, paracetamol helps a little but you can only take so much per day.

    i'm in a dead end. I am completely incapacited mentally. Doctors are useless.
  5. pamojja

    pamojja Senior Member

    Always start low and increase gradually over longer time-periods with newly added nutrients. Fat solubles vitamins take months to replenish and you obviously don't do yourself good with such supra-physiological doses. 10.000 IU per day would be a good starting dose if deficient. If that still cause side-effects, even much lower till it doesn't.

    Deficiencies always matter in the long run. You wont get rid of them overnight. Have to dose persistently and at such low doses to not cause side-effects.
  6. kallogann


    Yes i think i am too impatient, i need to dose daily with bearable dose. Thank you. I think i'm looking for immediate relief which will not happen with complements. It's a game of patience.

    Good news is yesterday i took ZMA (30mg zinc/450mg magnesium/10mg B6) and i found relief, i felt the typical magnesium effect that puts me in a very weird state but in a sense it was somehow better. I think i felt the zinc/magnesium inhibiting the glutamate system. It's very depressing and unpleasant but still way better than being constantly wired. I almost cried yesterday when i felt finally more calm. Damn. I don't feel that i have anxiety from glutamate overstimulation, i think it's more an adrenalin/cortisol spike or just plain inflammation thingy. Because of deficiencies.

    I will try zinc alone to see if it's less depressing. Zinc is active in more than 200 reactions in the body. it's like the vitamin d of mineral imo. Next are selenium, iodine, vitamine E, a little copper, ALA from flaxseed oil. I will buy vitamins and minerals separately. Multi-vitamins are horrible, you can't gauge anything.

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