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MTHFS and SHMT - need some help making sense of my results

Discussion in 'Genetic Testing and SNPs' started by kraken, Jan 17, 2015.

  1. kraken



    I have attempted methylation before, but looking back once again since I seem to be getting a lot of folate defiency symptoms, this happens with other supplements/compounds that I'm currently trialing. I dont seem to be improving much either from all of my problems which is getting progressively worse. Heck, supplements doesn't do much difference at all any longer to be honest.

    I recently discovered SHMT and MTHFS and their possible implication in folate metabolism and suprisingly I seem to have some problems here from what I understand. Could anyone help me understand/verify my results and what effect it might have? I keep reading that SHMT mutation is priority one, but how do I treat it?

    MTHFS rs6495446 CC

    SHMT1 rs9909104 CC
    SHMT1 rs1979277 -No call unfortunately-
    SHMT1 rs2273026 CC
    SHMT1 rs17806333 TT
    SHMT2 rs34095989 AG

    MTHFR A1298C (Hetero) - only MTHFR mutation I have.

    I can provide other gene data too, just ask :)

    Also found out that I'm Heterozygous for all my DHFR SNPs (although I miss results from some SNPs commonly mentioned by others). I dont know how much part they play individually but I guess they could add to the equation of me not being able to make use of folic acid properly resulting in less BH4, if the theory of folic acid blocking methylfolate is true also then its a Big no-no for me.

    DHFR rs1643659 CT
    DHFR rs1677693 GT
    DHFR rs1643649 CT
    DHFR rs865646 GT
    DHFR, MSH3 rs1650697 AG
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