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MTHFR Treatment/Inflammation/Detox Reaction

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by tizmo, Oct 20, 2012.

  1. tizmo


    My body crashed about a month ago after taking biotherapeutic drainage drops. I think the drops kept pulling toxins and my methylation system being shut down the toxins never left my body. I ended up in the hospital with extreme tachycardia, pancreatitis, elevated liver enzymes, muscle twitching and my liver has hurt ever since with no explanation. I recently got tested for MTHFR and had the DetoxiGenomics Test done, results will be back in 3 weeks. My ND started me on 1000mcg of Methyl B12 and 800mcg of Methyl Folate due to serious suspicion of MTHFR issues. Within a few hours of taking the vitamins I noticed a big detox reaction and a ton of inflammation and my liver started to hurt more. My body is SO full of toxins and just won't release them. I've been miserable for the past 2 years after getting a vaccine and I also have late stage lyme disease and a ton of other bacterias and viruses. Is a big detox reaction normal? My liver hurts so bad now I cannot tolerate any herbs or antibiotics because that causes more dieoff and one more thing my liver has to process so my lyme treatment is on hold. If I take any herbs or antibiotics my heart starts racing again and off to the ER I go.
  2. maryb

    maryb iherb code TAK122

    I'm absolutely no expert but think the advice with the methylation protocol is start very low and work up, maybe just too high a dose for you after being so ill. I would start with 1/8th of that dose personally. And also watch for low potassium symptoms. But maybe just a good diet and plenty of good water for a few days let your body have a rest?
    Hopefully someone will know more.
  3. fozzaw


    methylfolate can really aggravate existing inflammation
  4. Holisticgal


    hi tizmo,

    <<I originally posted this reply to you from a tiny keypad on a cell phone. but at the request of GG, I broke it up a little with some added white space and edited only a tiny bit. What little energy I do have I am spending posting questions for answers myself, too….. Bit I hope this is helpful, GG. Thanks. J >>

    i am so sorry u are suffering. reading about your sideache etc., my first few suggestions are very simple. have you ever done a CASTOR OIL PACK? messy but easy and should help. u can do them daily or more. (hope u have energy to google simple instrux as i can't currently). as a tip, for ease, put ur heating pad/source in a ziplock or produce bag to protect it. this soothes and NOURISHES liver-is not for detox. this also has a lot of other nourishing aspects for whole body, too (Can chk Edgar Cayce book on this if need more in depth info). you can use any old cotton tee to ruin as a cloth source for oil. IT STAINS everything-take care with it. i have also swigged 1-2 tbs straight for constipation. it works.

    so....., next suggestion is about that. chances are w toxicity level, you may be majorly CLOGGED. if you are not having full, complete, soft like peanut butter bowel eliminations at least TWICE a day, you are constipated. super common.(read more re this at for dr. schulze) for me, there have been many times that even missing just one movement would cause such crashing and malaise and non-functionality in me. ..this is due to autotoxemia. the constipation worsens the original toxicity.

    part of the fix??? according to dr schulze (and my own experience) STOP EATING (and maybe you have) until symptoms subside and ur bowels move out existing waste. shame on an nd for mega dosing u like that. everyone here doing the methylation program knows u start w crumbs of doses-NOT those levels. the detox is too huge. because of what happened and how weak you are, the best thing is to do an enema to pull out the toxins. you can use just filtered water. honestly this will help ur liver too and bring Relief. If doing this is too daunting, herbal approaches instead can b used or in combination. the most effective, tried and true and gentle and safe formula that I have used for years to break up constipation and keep you flowing is doctor schulze Formula One ( only by mail order). works EVERY TIME!!

    so step one is evacuating the toxins as much as you can and to keep that flowing and also to use castor oil packs to tame infammation. You mentioned having trouble tolerating herbs, etc. as fyi, gentle remedies also include using flower essences (bach Rescue remedy calms) or essential oils topically. Taking remedies through the skin is a way to bypass the digestive tract et cetera in sensitive/toxic people. can be gentler on body. I hope this is enough to get you started and please ignore typos and small caps. I am using a tiny cell phone keypad to get you this information as quickly as possible because I noticed that it had been a very long time since you posted.

    I've had so many episodes of the weakness you describe in my history with fatigue also (due to heavy metal and toxicity exposure in childhood under aerial pesticide spraying), so I know what it feels like.

    Also very important that when you do eat to use liquids and super
    easy to digest foods. Making a potassium broth which you can google, is really helpful. Minerals over calories are most important. Since the body requires so much energy to digest and process food, a weakened system that is overloaded with toxins and clogged cannot adequately digest, further contributing to autotoxemia. Taking the digestive burden off the body for awhile will allow it to slowly strenthen, and you will notice this.
    PLEASE let me know if anything helps okay? The post to drink lots of (filtered) water
    is right. Feel good, holisticgal
  5. *GG*

    *GG* senior member

    Concord, NH
    Can you break this up? very hard to read. FYI

  6. Freddd

    Freddd Senior Member

    Salt Lake City
    Hi Tizmo,

    The "detox" reaction you sound like you are having that ends people in the ER is hypokalemia. You need mire potassium to save youer life possibly. See the "detox" translated post that will help you determine if hypokalemia and paradoxical folatfe insufficiency. Theheart irregularities are low potassium. So is high blood pressure, almost always. The increased inflammation is from paradoxical folate deficiency, almost certainly and that can onset in hours. Are you also taking glutathione or NAC? That will do it very time. Glutathione "detox" and NAC 'detox" are both painduced paradoxical folagte deficiency..

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