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Morris: The role of microbiota and intestinal permeability in the pathophysiology of [...] and CFS

Discussion in 'Latest ME/CFS Research' started by mango, Sep 17, 2016.

  1. mango

    mango Senior Member

    The role of microbiota and intestinal permeability in the pathophysiology of autoimmune and neuroimmune processes with an emphasis on Inflammatory Bowel Disease Type 1 Diabetes and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    Morris G1, Berk M, Carvalho AF, Caso JR, Sanz Y, Maes M.

    Curr Pharm Des. 2016 Sep 14. [Epub ahead of print]



    In steady state conditions intestinal immune homeostasis is maintained by a sophisticated bidirectional dialogue between the microbiota and the intestinal immune system. This "cross talk" is enabled by the presence of highly adapted secretory cells, sampling cells and pattern recognition receptors in the gastric epithelium.

    Herein we discuss the mechanisms involved in the breakdown of intestinal homeostasis and the development of systemic immune activation and neuroinflammation with a view to discussing the importance of these processes, in tandem with genetic and environmental factors, in the pathophysiology of (auto)immune diseases.Data is presented explaining how immune tolerance is maintained and how it may breakdown.

    The breakdown of immune homeostasis following the development of gut inflammation, caused for example by gut dysbiosis, and the consequent increased intestinal permeability, is increasingly considered to be the ultimate source of the systemic immune activation and T helper 17/T regulatory cell imbalances, and maybe neurological disturbances, seen in autoimmune diseases such as Type 1 diabetes and inflammatory bowel disease.

    Increased intestinal permeability and translocation of commensal antigens into the systemic circulation is also a likely cause of the severe fatigue and an almost bewildering range of neurocognitive, neuroimaging and overall symptom presentations seen in patients with a diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
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  2. kangaSue

    kangaSue Senior Member

    Brisbane, Australia
    There has to be another mechanism involved too for those who have symptoms of chronic fatigue or neurocognitive problems.

    Anyone with Crohn's, Ulcerative or Ischemic Colitis and Chronic Mesenteric Ischemia (CMI) all have impaired gut mucosa layer which is suggested to be when bacterial translocation is supposed to be at its worst but I have Chronic Mesenteric Ischemia along with having chronic Idiopathic Gastroparesis too (but don't have ME/CFS) and I have never identified with having chronic fatigue or neurocognitive problems as a symptom with it.
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  3. Jonathan Edwards

    Jonathan Edwards "Gibberish"

    I fear this is immunabobble

    - immunobabble that does not even get the words right!
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  4. adreno

    adreno PR activist

    Looks more like an opinion piece than an actual research study.
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  5. barbc56

    barbc56 Senior Member

    Unfortunately this is a pattern often seen in this person's writings. He is just not a credible source of scientific information.

    In fact it's not known who he really is and he keeps changing his credentials.

    I've never seen a "methods" section used in an opinion piece.
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  6. Sidereal

    Sidereal Senior Member

    Useless paper, totally non-specific mechanism proposed ("intestinal permeability and translocation of commensal antigens") that has been found in many conditions.
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  7. Marco

    Marco Grrrrrrr!

    Near Cognac, France
    I could be wrong and apologies if I am but I've long assumed that this is Gerwyn, ex of this forum, who used to earbash us all about XMRV?
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