International ME/CFS and FM Awareness Day Is On May 12, 2018
Thomas Hennessy, Jr., selected May 12th to be our international awareness day back in 1992. He knew that May 12th had also been the birthday of Florence Nightingale. She was the English army nurse who helped to found the Red Cross as well as the first school of nursing in the world.
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Modest effects with mb9 and mb12

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by Beyond, Jul 14, 2016.

  1. Beyond

    Beyond Juice Me Up, Scotty!!!

    Murcia, Spain
    So I FINALLY tried the famous methyl´s and I have sensed a sizeable but small increase in energy or "clearheadness", "drive to accomplish" and so on. Also, I am noticeably more talkative, including with strangers! Almost parrot-like, some times :rofl:... I had a similar experience with MethylGuard in say 2013, but that ended with some hellish mental breakdown that I assume was from "overmethylation" or something like that. All in all, I still feel damaged by sleep and a couple of basic chores occupy the whole day, but its always nice to try something that does ANYTHING, lol.

    I am taking 3 mgs of mb12 sublingually and 2,4 mgs of methylfolate orally.
  2. PennyIA

    PennyIA Senior Member

    I'm right there with you... wish I knew more about it and about supporting supplements though. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my methyls. And I hate when I seem to have trouble with them and need to take a break because the little bit of aid they give is such a big part of quality of life for me.
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