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#MillionsMissing London 2018 outside BBC Broadcasting House

Discussion in 'Upcoming ME/CFS Events' started by Britmum, Mar 16, 2018.

  1. Britmum


    Hi, I am helping to organise this event. Please come along if you are able or send shoes or photographs. All the details are in the Event.

    I have broken up the text below.

    Help make ME visible. The time is now.

    Join #millionsmissing movement today and show the world that we will not be silent about ME until it gets the funding and attention it deserves.

    For the #MillionsMissing London 2018 demonstration please:

    ~ Come with shoes


    ~ Upload photo of shoes & message to Facebook


    ~ Send your unwanted shoes with a label

    If you're able to attend, bring your labelled shoes and get your friends and family to support you by coming along wearing an item of red clothing.

    If not, take a photograph of your shoes with your message and upload it to our Facebook page.

    We will print the pictures out and display them at the demonstration so you can still take part.

    If you are happy for the press to contact you then please let us know.

    If you would like to send your unwanted shoes with labels then please post them before 5th May to make sure we receive them in time.

    Send to:
    MillionsMissing London
    St Barnabas Vicarage
    146A Lavenham Road
    SW18 5EP.

    Please only send unwanted shoes as we won't be able to send them back. Any shoes we receive will be kept for future demonstrations, donated to charity or disposed of.
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