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Meningitis UK: Botox Injections to the head

Discussion in 'Other Health News and Research' started by roller, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. roller

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    'Botox has saved my life':

    'It doesn't get rid of the pain completely, it just takes the edge off the pain and makes my day-to-day more bearable.'

    She spent four weeks fighting for her life after coming down with viral meningitis and septicaemia in 2001, but she managed to pull through.

    However, in March 2014, she contracted the viral strain for a second time and was left with some painful after effects.

    Also, in August 2015, Mrs Miller's bowel collapsed just a week after she married her husband Adam, 27.

    But in January this year, she was given a series of Botox injections in her head as a last-ditch attempt to cure her.
    It is injected around the back of the head, around the ears and in the temple and forehead in a 10-minute process.

    • Woman, 30, claims her crippling headaches have been cured by injections
    • Victoria Miller began to suffer from her headaches after having meningitis
    • The pain often left her bedridden for days at a time and affected her life
    • She tried around 35 different drugs to ease her symptoms but none worked
    • But in January she was given a series of Botox injections as a last-ditch attempt
    • After 5 rounds of treatment - she says it has helped her get her life back on track
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    @roller~ Thanks for posting this. I suffer from 'head pain' 24/7. :ill:I've wanted to try Botox injections to my head. I don't know of a Dr that will do it for me. How long have you had success with Botox? :)

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