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mB12 injections instead of lozenges for Freddd protocol?

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by oneill, Oct 29, 2017.

  1. oneill


    Can someone please tell me if mB12 injections are OK instead of mB12 lozenges for the most current version of the Freddd protocol?

    It would be a lot easier for me and my doctor is happy to prescribe.

    Sorry but I have trouble comprehending what I read and can't find the answer by searching the forum. After lots of struggle I know the basics about the deadlock quartet (AdoCbl, MeCbl, Metafolin, L-methylfolate) and titrating up the doses. Thank you!
  2. PinkPanda

    PinkPanda Senior Member

    The B12 in lozenges/sublingual tablets is supposed to be superior to oral/capsuled vitamin B12, because part of the vitamin B12 can be absorbed via mouth mucosa. This bypasses the absorption of B12 in the gut, where only small amounts of B12 can be absorbed dependent on the Intrinsic Factor.

    I think this is the main pro of lozenges and since injections also bypass gut absorption and might possibly even be more effective than lozenges, I think injections should be ok for the protocol.
  3. alicec

    alicec Senior Member

    Most definitely, they are recommended if you need high doses.

    Lozenges are a good place to start because you can use very small doses and build up gradually.

    Absorption via this route is only around 10% so once you get up into higher doses, injections (virtually 100% absorption) or transdermal (about 80% absorption) are much more practical.
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