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Mason Foundation Research Grants

Discussion in 'Latest ME/CFS Research' started by heapsreal, Nov 10, 2014.

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    I just thought i would post this as i think the generosity of Judith Mason is amazing. This money has helped Bond University and Griffith university(NCNED) to do research on cfs/me. I had thought that it was just a very rich family who had encountered cfs and had donated money into cfs research. So when i read this short piece on Judith i was just amazed at her generosity.

    Mason Foundation Research Grants
    Posted by Administrator on October 19, 2009

    The Judith Jane Mason & Harold Stannett Williams Memorial Foundation announces its 2009 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Alzheimer's disease medical and scientific grant recipients.

    The Judith Jane Mason & Harold Stannett Williams Memorial Foundation (The Mason Foundation) has awarded 18 grants totalling $1,078,136 in its fourth open round of medical and scientific research grants for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Alzheimer's disease research. Researchers from around Australia were invited to apply, with all applications assessed by the ANZ Trustees National Medical Advisory Panel.

    The Mason Foundation grants are awarded to Australian based organisations, with grants of up to $100,000 available for research into Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Alzheimer's disease. The Mason Foundation will distribute close to $900,000 each year, with 60% dedicated to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Under the terms of the Foundation, should cures for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Alzheimer’s disease be found, the Foundation will focus on research into other debilitating diseases.

    Applications for the 2010 funding round will close on 1 July, where applicants are advised to check this date on the ANZ Trustees’ website prior to applying.

    “I don’t believe that many people understand how debilitating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can be. And as far as Alzheimer’s is concerned I cannot think of anything worse. To be alive but not having your brain working, to me this is terrifying. These are the reasons I am supporting medical research into Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Alzheimer’s and I hope that my Foundation helps to produce cures. I have given almost everything I own to this Foundation (including my home), for my dog and myself can live frugally, for I have been very poor for the most part of my life, so I know how to cope with it. I feel that it is more important that this Foundation may help many people.” said Judith Mason, benefactor of The Mason Foundation.

    The Mason Foundation was established in 2003 to support research into Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Alzheimer’s disease. “The perpetual foundation is named after myself (as my sister says, this may encourage other people to do the same) and also in memory of my father, Harold Stannett Williams, who was a most charitable man and also the most helpful to people in trouble. (In fact my mother never forgave him for helping to save people who were trapped in landslides whilst I was being born.)”

    ANZ Trustees is the trustee of The Mason Foundation and is one of the leading managers of charitable funds under management in Australia. The Mason Foundation is one of over 235 charitable foundations managed by ANZ Trustees. More information about The Mason Foundation and ANZ Trustees are available here or by contacting 1800 011 047. For a breakdown of grants/research - see Mason Media release 2009 FINAL.doc
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    Yeah.. she is an amazing person and I've been trying to get more people aware of the Mason Foundation for many years to donate to them. (We are lucky in Australia to have both them and the Alison Hunter Memorial Foundation helping things here).

    You'll be really stunned if you research how many of the Australian ME/CFS research studies the Mason foundation has supported!! (they not only have supported the Queensland research group but also the Adelaide one and all the studies here). I started a list up years ago on the studies they've supported (Ive no idea where my list is now).. and they support good ME/CFS studies eg brain imagining studies etc etc and not crap psych stuff.
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