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List your supplements

Discussion in 'General Treatment' started by Katie, Dec 15, 2009.

  1. Katie

    Katie Guest

    I recon I take less than average though I'm terrible for remembering to take them. So here's my potentially meagre list.

    For Immunity:
    Echinacea 2X per day
    Iron and Vit C 1X per day

    For Energy:
    Co Enzyme Q10 2X per day
    Vit B Complex 1X per day

    For Brain Function:
    Omega 3 Concentrated Fish Oils with Vit E 1x per day

    That's it. Five.

    So, let me know what you guys and gals take for sharing and comparing purposes :) Maybe I'll stumble upon a treat or two. I will add that Co enzyme is by far and away the best supplement I've taken which also helps with that low energy time of the month too. It's also the most expensive. Ain't that capitalism for ya :D
  2. Jenny

    Jenny Senior Member


    Good idea Katie

    This may take a while though...

    These are daily amounts:

    CoQ10 with bioperine 100mgX1

    CaMgZn 500mg x1

    Mg malate 1000mg x 2

    RxOmega3 Factors EPA 400mg/DHA 200 mg X 2

    Udos Choice Ultimate Oil Blend 3 tablespoons

    Udos Choice Super 8 Hi-Potency Probiotic (because taking doxy)

    Selenium 200mcg x1

    Lysine 1000mg x1

    Vit D3 1200IU x3

    Vit c 500mg x12

    Super bio-curcumin 400mg x3

    Active B12 Dibencozide 3000mcg 1/2 every other day

    Methyl B12 5000mcg 1/2 every other day

    Reduced glutathione 50mg x3

    Vit B6 100mg 1 every other day

    Homeopathic mould, yeast and dust allergy treatment 15 drops x3

    Olive leaf extract 500 mg x2 (just restarted, couldn't tolerate before, trying again)

    I've been taking most of these for years. I've no evidence that any of them are doing anything at all, but for all I know I could be much worse without them....
  3. Katie

    Katie Guest

    Holy moly, that's a lots of supplements, you've got a whole branch of Holland and Barrat to get through each day!

    Can I ask why so much Vit C? I take 60mg once a day but I also like my oranges :D Also, what do you take selenium and lysine for?
  4. glenp

    glenp "and this too shall pass"

    Vancouver Canada suburbs
    Ginseng and royal jelly in vials

    Over the years, off and on I have tried a daily vial of royal jelly and ginseng --I have gone on and off a few times and feel that it does help, after about 3 weeks of daily use it starts to kick in for me. I think it is through Dr Hydes Nightingale site---the links there have some of the treatments

  5. anne_likes_red

    anne_likes_red Senior Member

    My very short list

    A therapeutic strength probiotic

    Omega 3 fish oil (fermented)


    (And interested in looking at Co Q10 again.)

    In the past (24 -25 years) I've taken much, much more....biggest positive change for me personally has been diet.
  6. heapsreal

    heapsreal iherb 10% discount code OPA989,

    australia (brisbane)

    n acetyl cysteine
    lipoic acid
    vit e
    b12 inject
    vit D
  7. Jenny

    Jenny Senior Member

    ""Can I ask why so much Vit C? I take 60mg once a day but I also like my oranges Also, what do you take selenium and lysine for? "

    (I don't seem to be able to use the quote facility on this board, or the icons, perhaps it's because of my browser)

    Hi Katie

    I feared someone would ask why I'm taking these things! Sometimes I can't remember.....

    But I think this is why:

    I've looked at so many protocols over the years, many of which are contradictory. But I've tried to go with what seems common to many of them. A lot of them suggest high dose Vit C, particularly in a bad relapse, which I'm in now (eg Marty Pall is keen on this I think, but he may not recommend such a high dose).

    Lysine- I was doing an experiment with this. I think Rick Van K was keen on finding out if it helped people, as it may act on herpes viruses. So I was on 1000mg three times a day for 8 weeks. I wasn't feeling any better, so thought it prob wasn't doing anything, or might have been hindering any recovery, so I'm just using up the bottle by taking one a day.

    Selenium - again many protocols include this. May increase gluathione and reduce oxidative stress.

    Sometimes I get my supps from Holland and Barratt, but mostly I use iherb. As long as you keep your order under 18 you don't have to pay import tax in the UK and their prices are much lower than UK prices, even with shipping costs. Also some things are hard to find in the UK.

  8. Min

    Min Guest

    for Lyme & co-infections:

    Cat's claw tincture alternated with Cumanda
    coconut oil

    for ME & fibromyalgia:

    vit D
    Co-enzyme Q10
    & alongside Verapamil prescribed by my M.E. specialist as a calcium channel blocker :
    vit c

    for cataracts:

    also trying phyllanthus niruri (which I highly recommend to anyone who wants horrible wind)
  9. Katie

    Katie Guest

    I found the sausages I had last night had that effect ;)

    I certainly seems like Co Enzyme Q10 is a goer. I might try going back on the zinc and magnesium tablets after Christmas when I'm a little more flush.

    Jenny, thanks for explaining your dosages, must be hard to keep track of everything! The Selinium sounds interesting so I might have a little look into it. I get most of my supplements from Boots on buy two get one free hence I've built up a massive backlog of certain pills.

    Which reminds me, I'm off to take my next round of sups with lunch :D
  10. xlynx

    xlynx Senior Member

    London, UK
    Hi Katie,

    I am currently taking:
    Vitamin C 3000 mgs
    EPA DHA Cod Liver Oil
    Magnesium Citrate 1200 mgs
    D Ribose 10 mgs
    Acetyl l carnitine 2000 mgs
    Pro Biotic
    Adrenal glandular every other day
    Vitamin D3 1000ui
    B complex with folate
    B12 Sublingual 5000mgs
    B3 Niacidimide 100mgs
    Co Q10 200mgs
    Zinc 30mgs
    L Gutathione

    I also take a multivitamin with selenium and lysine and all the amino acids and other things in but its in the kitchen and there is no way I am gong there :).

    I am taking these after reading the books fatigued to fantastic and Dr Myhill and then when I actually went to see a doctor who works with Dr Myhill and did some tests he increased my dosage as above.

    The doctor did tell me that I would have to reduce the B3 in 2 months.

    Very difficult to judge how much they help. This is a pretty expensive regime to keep up but I do get some on healthcare
  11. Jenny

    Jenny Senior Member

    Hi Min

    Can I ask - is the verapamil making any difference? (Presumably that's not a supplement though?) I was high dose nimodipene for 2 months after my brain haemorrhage - that's a calcium channel blocker too - and I felt very well!

    I've tried it since but only managed to persuade docs to give me a low dose, and I haven't noticed any difference.

    Theoretically its action seems to make sense for us as it increases dilation of blood vessels.

    SaraM likes this.
  12. sarahg

    sarahg Admin Assistant

    *Quercetin (helps my allergies and IC immensely, is also supposed to support mitochondria)

    *Maitake mushroom extract ( I usually get a product called myco-forte that is maitake, shitake and reishi mushroom extracts and is cheaper and works better, but I haven't gotten to the place I need to go to get it)

    *artemisinin (I take it at night to keep it away from the anti-oxidants I take in the morning)

    *olive leaf extract

    *Malic acid (really really helps get rid of muscle pain and helps me sleep)

    *thymic protein

    *"mitochondia ignite" from prohealth (maybe I'll get the bottle later and list the ingredients)

    *EPA/DHA for muscle pain and inflammation (due to endometriosis)

    *Coenzyme Q 10, but I really question whether it does anything for me

    *Lysine (I'm just finishing the bottle, my Dr. said he didn't think it would help and I think he was right)

    *vitamin d and selenium I take about once a week or every other week

    I make a habit of not starting more than one thing at a time so I can sort of tell what is working. By poverty or design I stop one at a time every so often for a month or so, if I don't notice a difference I don't restart. Each thing that I take every day I take because I really notice a difference in symptoms or ability by using them, and really notice a gradual decline when I don't have them. I figure they're a good enough stop-gap until I can figure out a way to fix the underlying issues.
  13. fds66

    fds66 Senior Member

    At the moment

    Ca/Mg/Zn I find that lessens my muscle cramps and twitches. I really think these make a big difference to me. I might experiment with some magnesium without the calcium to see if it helps my sleep. A project for in a while.

    Aloe Vera and peppermint capsules - helps with IBS symptoms. I don't take the peppermint all the time, just when I get lots of stomach cramps.

    Just restarted CoQ10 to see if it has an effect - I have taken it before several times but I'm reinvestigating whether it makes a difference. Started on 30mg a day and I'm going to increase a bit to see if it helps.

    Multivitamin/mineral plus B vitamins - I should be taking these all the time but go for periods of time where I forget or just to see if they are making a difference.

    I have taken many things in my time and always try to start one at a time. I give it three months then stop it. If I don't notice a difference then I don't bother again, at least for a while. At the moment I'm hardly taking any at all.
  14. Min

    Min Guest

    Hi Jenny, I've heard that Nimopidene is very good & am sorry you can't have an adequate dose to be effective.

    I have only taken Verapamil for 2 months so far & the doc says it will take 6 to start working. In theory it's supposed, with other supplements, to help replace the calcium in my cells that shouldn't be there with the magnesium that apparently should.
  15. markmc20001

    markmc20001 Guest


    interesting suggestions.

    If you like Thymic protein, I tried something called "Thymic immune factors" from Life Extension. It is freeze dried raw glands. Whew! what a kick. I quit becuase I crashed after doing a bunch of stuff, but may have to try it again. Because I got a good buzz for a week from it.

    I do freddd's protocol for the most part. It all works together, just like Freddd says.

    however I do have one other mineral combo worth mentioning; It includes a bunch of good minerals all in one, is the Kirkland(costco brand) calcium citrate. It includes Vit D, K, Mag, zin, and more. I could feel the extra kick when adding it to freddd's protocol. It has a good mix of the important minerals.

    I'm going to try my mushroom mix again now that I have been reminded about it.
  16. Frank

    Frank Senior Member

    Gut related
    good quality probiotic
    pepermint oil gels
    (mucoperm with L-glutamine, zinc, MSM, spirulina, ...)

    Digestion aid
    Betaine hydrochloride with pepsin (country life)

    olive leaf extract

    Vitamins and minerals, others
    Marine grade phytoplankton
    Noni Juice

    Going to try
    Cod liver oil (for A en D)
    Metafolin (as advised by Freddd)

    I'm also looking for something good for immune support, i'm not a fan of energy supplements like NADH etc.. they are in my view to far away from dealing with the cause.
  17. *GG*

    *GG* senior member

    Concord, NH
    Who is Freddd?

    do not see his name in this thread?:confused:
  18. markmc20001

    markmc20001 Guest

    where to find Freddd

    Oops, I thought everybody knew freddd. He usually hangs out in the methylation forum and has a Vitamin methyl B12 protocol he is coaching some people with.
  19. xlynx

    xlynx Senior Member

    London, UK
    Is Thymic protein really good for getting rid of colds etc?

    Is it hard to tolerate?
  20. markmc20001

    markmc20001 Guest

    comes in capsule

    That a pretty serious reaction you have to fish oil and chicken! Glad you can be at peace with your thymic protein though.You would have to make peace with a few other organs if you want to try this stuff though. It has spleen and a few other glands in it as well.

    The stuff I mentioned comes in capsule though I don't taste them later, but then again I have grown up on beef and other meat.

    I would go into more detail on the supplement, but after seeing the supplement manufacturer wants to "kill health care reform leglsation" on their website homepage, I don't want to send them any extra business.


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