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Life after SIBO and Changed Neurotransmitter profiles on OAT retests

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by Journeyman, Feb 21, 2017.

  1. Journeyman

    Journeyman Senior Member

    I recently had an organic acids test done by Great Plains Labs and its allowed me to deduce that I'm almost certainly affected by SIBO. In the course of researching SIBO I've come to learn about the importance of the Gut-Brain Axis and how SIBO and IBS might explain psychological disturbance such as low serotonin levels or high Dopamine Vs Norepinephrine levels. i.e. certain bacteria inhibit the dopamine beta hydroxylase enzyme from doing its normal job converting dopamine to NE. Or that Candida simply depletes serotonin through its own mechanism of action.

    So I'm now looking forward to clearing up my SIBO and experiencing a reduction in anxiety which has become a predominant feature of my existence for the last few years. I don't imagine I'm the first person in these forums to discover this condition or treat it so I want to know who has successfully treated their SIBO, and what kind of changes they observed both energy wise and mentally. ie. How did you feel as you negotiated the in's/outs of everyday life after beating SIBO? and how does this compare to pre-SIBO?

    On a similar note, has anyone ever had an organic acids test done that revealed a high dopamine to Norepinephrine ratio (HMA/VMA ratio) and reversed it on a subsequent retest? If so can you describe how you experience life differently as a person with relatively higher Norepinephrine to Dopamine levels? I've read that Norepinephrine, when elevated, results in anxiety.... so in some ways I'm doubtful I'll feel any better... However it may be one thing to have high NE levels and another to have any level thats _balanced_ with a more appropriate dopamine level....

    Keen to hear your experiences/insights...

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  2. jjxx

    jjxx Senior Member

    I suspect I am having the exact issues.
    I experienced a miraculous recovery after self-tested low in a couple of essential nutrients while without being aware of months' long probiotics supplement laid the foundation until my yeast overgrowth crept back, and half of what I have gained is lost. I am convinced gut is the root cause in my case.
    Honestly, I don't know how to or if its really necessary to distinguish SIBO or yeast overgrowth, do they go hand in hand? But I know for sure loss of gut integrity is the culprit. I rely on the white coating on my tongue when I get up in the morning as the indicator. All my other digestive complains have been successfully resolved. But the stubborn white coating is still there every morning.
    My first round of combating yeast overgrowth was won with at least 6 to 9 month long using of probiotics.
    Unfortunately it crept back after I foolishly replaced the probiotics with prebiotics. Now I am fighting my second round. It has been 7 months now, I can barely see much progress with the same approach of my first round until I added some others. The progress is slow like a snail. I am far from finishing it off, and I am clueless how to maintain it long term when I get there.
    Based on my experiences, I don't think you need to worry about raising NE leading to more anxiety. I bet you 100 people who suffer from anxiety may have a hundred different root causes, I maybe exaggerate but you get my point. I can tell you low serotonin causes anxiety too.
    Fix gut first and don't worry, your body will return to a homeostasis.
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