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Letters for Lyme: Ignorance Will Not Be Tolerated!!

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease and Co-Infections' started by alice, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. alice

    alice Senior Member

    No. CA, USA
    Whether you support Obama or Romney doesn't matter - Lyme is just
    collateral damage and we are being clobbered by media pundits. Thanks to
    advocates Bambi Albert and Kenneth Mercure for publishing this list of
    Lyme-bashing articles plus how to contact each.

    Phyllis Mervine

    Letters for Lyme: Ignorance Will Not Be Tolerated!!

    Intentions of kindness by presidential candidate Mitt Romney has turned quite ugly for the Lyme community over the past few days. In a misguided effort to detract from Romney's campaign and/or simply ridicule him for his choice of outreach, the Lyme community has come under heavy fire with many different news outlets and blogs attacking us.

    From calling Lyme Disease "Lying Disease", a fake epidemic, a made-up plague and a conspiracy theory to referring to activists as anti-science zealots and patients as being confused victims of "medical quackery", who likely are suffering from depression or another mental illness and being taken advantage of by greedy doctors and opportunistic politicians.

    None of this is being based on the available science either or in typical fashion is simply repeating the usual IDSA rundown of the "facts" or as we all know them: the lies!

    (For those of you who wish to confront these "journalists" with the mountain of scientific evidence available, please go HERE for a list of references from a variety of different studies dealing with Chronic Lyme or persistent Lyme infection. Thank you to Saby Mo for putting together and providing us with this list. Your work is overwhelmingly appreciated!)

    This sentiment has spread like wildfire and needs to be dealt with posthaste. We need to contact every news outlet we find that is jabbering on in this manner and taking advantage of our community as pawns for their own benefit.

    We need to contact the employers of these "journalists" who are spreading lies and demand apologies, corrections, investigations, and retractions. These self-minded individuals must be made to realize that they cannot publicly attack, demonize and ridicule an entire community of people and expect it to be overlooked. They must be held accountable for their actions. We did it with the Chicago Tribune and we can do it again!
    Please keep your wits about you and try to stay as calm and collected as possible when you write your responses back to those on the list below. I know that is very hard, but please attempt to do so.
    Below is a list of outlets that have jumped on this attack bandwagon with links to the articles they have written in regards to this issue and contact info. This list has been kindly provided by Lyme activist Lucretia "Creda" Perilli.

    Slate (two headlines/same story):

    Chronic Lyme disease delusion: Romney campaign pushes medical nonsense
    Why Is Romney Campaigning on Medical Quackery?


    The New Yorker:

    Mitt Romney Versus Lyme Disease and Science


    US News & World Report:

    Mitt Romney Targets the Lyme Disease Vote in Virginia


    Mother Jones:

    Romney's Plan to Win Virginia: Lyme Disease

    See Article Here

    Scroll down to form, select ‘Letter to the Editor’:
    Washington Post:

    Romney vows to take on Lyme disease 'epidemic'
    See Article Here

    Lyme Disease reduxSee Article Here

    Use Corrections Form:

    Washington Monthly:

    Romney's Lyme Disease Mailer: A Play for the Christian Right?
    See Article Here


    Huffington Post:

    Mitt Romney Pledges To Control Lyme
    Disease Epidemic 'Wreaking Havoc' On Virginia In MailerSee Article Here

    Use corrections Form:
    The Daily Kos:

    Romney campaign promises to fight Lyme Disease using 'synergy'

    The Daily Beast (Newsweek):

    Mitt’s Bizarre Lyme Disease Offensive
    See Article Here


    Science Blogs:

    Conspiracy-targeted Campaigning from Romney
    See Article Here


    Romney Touts Lyme Disease Conspiracy Theory
    See Article Here


    Little Green Footballs:

    The Dangerous Conspiracy Theory Behind Romney's Lyme Disease Mailers
    See Article Here

    Use Contact Form that is located on the left column of the homepage.

    The Week:

    Mitt Romney's strategy to win Virginia: Lyme Disease?
    See Article Here

    Be sure to select ‘Website editors."
    YAHOO ran this very same story (see below).

    The Wall:

    The Dangerous Conspiracy Theory Behind Mitt Romney's Lyme Disease Mailers
    See Article Here

    The Wall ran the Think Progress article. Let them know that they should not be running articles that contain false information. Use their feedback link on the far left side of their homepage.

    The Weekly Standard:

    Campaign Mailer: Romney Vows to Fight the 'Epidemic' of Lyme
    See Article Here


    America Blog:

    Romney's secret weapon: Lyme disease!
    See Article Here



    Mitt Romney's strategy to win Virginia: Lyme Disease?
    See Article Here


    Romney Campaign Mailer Targets Lyme
    See Article Here

    Scroll down and click "Contact your local editor, Susan Larson":

    Health News Review:

    The Silly Season – tick, tick, tick in the
    desperate countdown to Election Day, by Gary SchwitzerSee Article Here



    Mitt Romney Can’t Even Get Specific
    When He’s Getting Overly-Specific On Lyme DiseaseSee Article Here

    Contact: OR
    Posted by Kenneth M. at 1:31 AM

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  2. Wayne

    Wayne Senior Member

    Ashland, Oregon
    Hi Alice,

    Thanks for posting this. I knew there was at least a "bit" of negative coverage out there, but I had no idea it was this extensive. Kind of mind boggling what the ME/CFS and Lyme communities are up against.
  3. Jarod

    Jarod Senior Member

    planet earth
    What about Autism? How many diseases are getting slammed with a propaganda war right now I wonder?

    It seems like the propaganda always ramps up when there is news hitting the papers for a certain disease issue. That way when you mention it to a friend, they can quickly dismiss the lyme issue because they just saw propaganda on the TV on Newpaper that explains it.

    I think writing editors and papers is good, but they often have an idea what they are up to. The trick is getting the word out to the people who are consuming the propaganda released. Not sure how easy that is. Blogging might another good option because people can spread the links around?

    Always a good idea to vote with ones money whenever possible. Boycott them. For instance, if some Newspaper spreads that propaganda around, find some other site where you don't feed the beast. TV viewership is dropping like a rock which totally screws their program and why they have full time trolls(prolls) on the internet everywhere now.
  4. alex3619

    alex3619 Senior Member

    Logan, Queensland, Australia
    Its my observation that derogatory spin tends to increase when politics of hate is being used. It does not matter who starts the politics of hate either ... it tends to spread.

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