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Letter from Jen Brea - how to get more involved

Discussion in 'Action Alerts and Advocacy' started by slysaint, Apr 2, 2017.

  1. slysaint

    slysaint Senior Member

    Letter from Jen Brea.
    This is on #MEActions site (I think).
    Don't know if it's been posted elsewhere(?)
    As you may know, in addition to co-founding #MEAction, I've been working for the last many years on a documentary about ME called Unrest. I just returned from Copenhagen, Denmark, where Unrest made its international premiere screening at CPH:DOX, one of the world's leading documentary film festivals.

    I was absolutely blown away by the reception the film received! Three major Danish newspapers published feature articles on Unrest and the controversial treatment of ME in Denmark. Interest in the film was so high that two of our screenings sold out and they added an extra showing! I also participated in a broadcast interview on the popular Danish television program DR2 Dagen, discussing my experience with ME and motivations behind making the film.

    Watch the DR2 Dagen excerpt now and find out how you can get more involved in the campaign to educate the world about ME!


    There has already been a major shift in the conversation about ME in Denmark, and this is clear evidence that Unrest can help #MEAction’s broader goals and change the narrative around the disease on a global scale. None of this would have been possible without your support! You believed in our vision, encouraged your friends and family to rally behind us, and advocated on this growing community’s behalf.

    Over the next year, we're planning to take the film all over the world - and we want you involved every step of the way.

    Watch the DR2 Dagen excerpt now and find out how you can get more involved in the campaign to educate the world about ME in the lead up to the film’s full release!

    Thank you so much for being on this incredible journey with us.


    Jen "
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