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Klonopin and chronic fatigue syndrome

Discussion in 'General Treatment' started by Hugocfs, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. Hugocfs

    Hugocfs Senior Member

    I started on klonopin around 1998 and had my first bit of fatigue in 2005, a more significant bout of fatigue at the end of 2007, and chronic fatigue starting in September of 2009. Is there any evidence that klonopin can lead to chronic fatigue syndrome? Has anyone with cfs been on klonopin and had significant improvement after tapering off? About the only thing I can find on the net is klonopin as a treatment for cfs!
  2. Nielk


    I was put on Klonopin for sleep problems due to ME/CFS. At first it really helped me sleep and I felt somewhat better.
    After taking it for several years I developed a dependency for it and had to discontinue taking it. Now it's almost a year since I'm off Klonopin. I still have ME/CFS. I don't think that it's a cure at all but, many patients with ME/CFS, have a reduction of their symptoms while taking Klonopin.
  3. Klonopin depletes melatonin which can cause sleep problems. After a month on it I had to start taking melatonin. I doubt if K would be a sole cause of ME/CFS.
  4. alwayshopeful


    I was given Klonopin for sleep issues and instead it has caused complete insomnia!! I think it messes with all our hormones--- melatonin, cortisol, and my progesterone tanked! I know it helps some people, but BAD for me!!

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