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Keto - see bloodsugers device

Discussion in 'Lifestyle Management' started by student, Jun 9, 2017.

  1. student

    student Senior Member

    Keto - see what specialist messure with their bloodsugers device

    For me so much in this is fairly new. Lets see were it all goes. I have no intrest. My impression though is that specially this KETO stuff is moving superfast...
    I understand: Patients are already teaching there doctors - now. So some of you - do see more with all these physiological pathways - while going through all this.

    Ketosis and your knoledge - with stiks is one thing. (Some learn additional what can happen to there blodsugar - in the same time)
    Medicin is just exploding with todays precision of this data. We were messuring Blodsuger in the past with sticks. Especially todays
    sugar devices are far advanced and give more detailed data. Like during the hole day
    People like Mercola / or here D. Pompa are already trying to collect massive data. "Keto Answers", D Pompa CHtv 144: 44m.
    SEE min 44.00 a_EfRbH00p8

    regards student (Germany)
    ps: So maybe some are so Keto advanced and we can all learn to see more with steps you take.
    Is this not- beeing at the edge of todays reasearch. (In one single year there will be tones of this up-coming.

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