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Keto and Candida

Discussion in 'Fungal Infection (Yeast, Candida)' started by outdamnspot, Aug 28, 2016.

  1. outdamnspot

    outdamnspot Senior Member

    I've read that Candida can thrive off of Ketones, but does anyone know if the Keto diet is definitively bad for Candida issues?

    One of my first symptoms after my major crash was constant hypoglycemic episodes. They were driving me insane. I've been on Keto for about 8 months and it put an end to them. My health (mental/physical) has deteriorated a lot over that period, but it's hard to know if it's just due to lack of treatment; however, I'm starting to worry I may have exacerbated a Candida issue due to fungal infections appearing on my feet, a furry tongue and Candida now visible in my stools after beginning coffee enemas.

    My CFS doctor said I should be eating more carbs like beans etc. but I'm really scared about the hypoglycemic symptoms coming back. It's a catch-22. I'm planning on getting a faecal screening done via Bioscreen, so wondering if I should wait to see the results before making any dietary changes.
  2. IreneF

    IreneF Senior Member

    San Francisco
    Eating complex carbs such as beans is a good idea, because they are slow to be digested. You might consider testing a low-glycemic diet.

    I get mild hypoglycemic episodes. I deal with them eating dried fruit.

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