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Just started antibiotic treatment under Dr. Garth Nicolsons protocol. Anybody tried?

Discussion in 'General Treatment' started by runner64, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. runner64


    I was diagnosed with Sjogren's just 2 weeks ago and have knee joint inflammation and bone pain and chronic fatigue symptoms. I feel way more like CHRONIC FATIGUE with joint pain that's why I'm here. I dismissed the Sjogren's diagnosis the "rheumatologist" gave me after telling him my symptoms only to have him twist my answers into things that fit a textbook answer to fit a drug with and no answers as to causes etc. He twisted everything I told him as well as saying I couldn't be physically feeling in my brain and head wise, what I said I was feeling, and then he'd tell me his interpretations. Very condescending and patronizing. I'm a runner fitness girl and was fooled once before from the mainstream community and got very sick as a result of it so decided to fish for answers not being able to run again, and feeling mentally incapacitated, and feeling hit by a mack truck a huge motivator. I got online and researched Annals of Rheumatic Diseases and more and found Dr. Nicolson's site after connecting dots from the research of everything I'd learned. is Dr. Nicolson's site. Great explanations and where I got educated over the last few weeks. He discovered Gulf War Illness and has found a trend in the civillian population, breast implant women being a smaller lot of the general population, and has found links with all of them, in CFS, Arthritis, Fibro, many Neurodegenerative Diseases, with bacteria's called mycoplasmas and co infections of other bacterias etc. The bacteria's in all the above groups, giving a mix of the same symptoms. He treats with antibiotics and vitamins and supplements which combat other issues with it. He's yielding results, I'm trying it.

    I have started his doxycycline protocol Fri. of 2x 200mg every morning as well as the "combining" treatment he recommended.

    Here is one of his answers to my questions about that as I'd "not thinking" taken one doxy Fri before drawing the blood this coming Mon and thought I may have messed up results when I realized what I'd done. You're not supposed to draw blood until after 4-6 weeks off your current antibiotic if you are on one. But, here's an exception.

    This is from Dr. Nicolson yesterday.

    "Actually, a brief course of doxycycline (less than one week) actually
    increases your chance of having a positive blood test. The reason for
    this is that the initial impact of antibiotic stimulates the release of
    the microorganism from tissues and cells. However, after one week the
    blood levels decline dramatically and then false negatives are a problem.

    So you can start your antibiotics if the blood is drawn on Monday. The
    instructions for taking doxycycline are attached. To reduce Herxheimer
    reactions follow the instructions in the attachment."

    - I had a deflated salines implant that was leaking inside me quite sometime and by the time I realized it, I am thinking this is why I am sick. Many implant women are being diagnosed with these diseases and FDA is dismissing testimony as I type. Explanted Oct., 25 2011. Symptoms of tinnitis and broken sleep, memory failing just starting, Oct 2010 one year before explant when I realized I was leaking.

    July 2011, 3 months before explant continuing from Oct 2010 broken short sleep with tinnitis, ADD in July, joint and bone pain, flu like, sweats, stuttering, have no memory, RAPID RAPID thought process which is a constant, blurry vision, coated tongue not candida, ears feel full sticky deep inside, weak, exhausted and more. Ironically he has many women not just silicone, but saline implants like me contact him. I found "abstracts" proving bacteria growth in breast implants and a variety of implants PERIOD. He has found women with implants tested positive for mycoplasmas. I have super nuero symptoms and the physical feelings in my head are awful along with the rest. I just never thought this type of thing, exhisted. I'd never payed any heed to what Chronic Fatigue was. Holy smokes..............I'll let you guys no, what my tests yield. It was the mycoplasma test kit for $395.00 that tests for M fermantans,M hominis, and M pnuemonia that I'm being tested for. Total desparation for answers.

    Other than 2 days with this new doxycycline treatment, I am not on any other pharmecueticals. I eat clean and added vit "recipes" he recommended on top of what I'd been taking.

    Has anyone ever tried this therapy. I'm in for the long haul as it makes sense to have a cause and he's proven much of this. Anyway wish me luck and I welcome stories or advice in regards to this if you have any.
  2. Abha

    Abha Abha

    Hi runner64,
    I have just quickly read through your posting.Dr Nicholson is a CFS/ME expert.In the past I have listened to some of his lectures on Youtube.I found them interesting and educative.How much doxycycline a day are you taking(400mg?)?Also which lab did you use to do the testing?From what i recall Dr Nicolson says that Doxycycline is safe for long term use(used long term with acne patients).What is the other "combining treatment?"
    Good luck with your treatment.
  3. runner64


    Hi Abha, nice to see you and thankyou for coming by.

    I am now on 200mg per day. His info says 2-3 so I started with 200. Here is a link of his with treatment options. I do not recommend anyone to ever try the many antibiotics from the fluoroquinolone family as they are known to rupture tendons irrepairable and many. Lot's of websites with victoms. Cipro on his antibiotic list is a fluoro.

    Here is the treatment plan from his site. Treatment considerations is the page link title. Go down under "Publications" on that page and go to the "2nd" Pdf point and you will find specific antibiotic treatment and "combining treatments" which are mainly vits and supps and minerals. Diet.

    From the 2nd pdf point under "publications." His "specific recipe" for treatments. considerations/IMMchangesSept2011/Treat.considerations.11.1.pdf

    On that site, the write up on chronic fatigue has very interesting findings. There's another on autoimmune and many other disease like these linked to pathogen infections.

    As far as the lab I used, it was the Unevx Lab in Nevada that is on his site I linked you to with the other info. Go to the home page, then "clinical testing" GREY box, at the bottom left. I did the first test for M Fermantans, M hominis, and M pnueomonia. Keeping in mind there could be other coinfections as well. More pathogens.

    Thanks for the good luck. He's informed me it can be slow, so I've got some time ahead for relief unfortunately. I hope to yield good results as we all do whichever treatment we're using. I'll let everyone know here how I do with this.

    I wish I found someone else that has tried it here. I did got to Gulf War Illness forums with the Vets. Some had posted they did try it as they too were diagnosed with CFS. I did read it helped some people. I was a bit hesitant to post there being a civilian. I posted on one site that has little traffic but no reply yet.

    Good luck with whereever you are in this as well Abha.
  4. lnester7

    lnester7 Seven

    Runner 64 can you give us an update?

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