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Is my skin colour affected? (Pictures)

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS Discussion' started by jamienoble, Mar 1, 2018.

  1. jamienoble



    I have been sick for my whole adult life and even longer then that (im 31).
    I have done many tests and none of them has shown anything noticeable, im still undiagnosed. The doctors gave up many years ago and i feel like this is coming to a dead end.

    I don't have any clues, my symptoms doesn't really belong to any particular disease, i got temporarily cured 13 years ago when i took accutane against accne which makes zero sense.

    For every day, every minute im thinking about what i could do to find whatever disease i could have, i really don't want to live like this anymore.
    I even visited Dr. Kaufman 2,5 years ago but he didn't know either what i could have, none of his tests showed anything.

    The absolute last idea i have is to take pictures of myself showing how my skin colour is affected.

    This is by far the most unusual symptom i have, and unless i'm hallucinating everything, about my symptoms, about the fact that i was temporarily cured taking accutane 13 years ago & so on (which is highly unlikely), there has to be people who can see this problem with my skincolour on my pictures.
    However two people has already seen these pictures and they could not see anything noticeable.

    The problem with my skin colour is that the brightness and contrast is very high, much higher then whats normal. Because of this i often get a grayish or yellowish tone depending on the surroundings, and dark around the eyes.

    The brightness gets higher / the skin becomes paler:

    1. On mornings, nights and evenings.
    2. The less i sleep.
    3. After i have been exercising for a while.

    I have taken pictures of my face and on the back of my hands where i also think the problem is noticeable.
    The more brightness you have on your display the more obvious the problem will look.

    Pictures where i am grayish pale: (grayish).jpg?dl=0

    Yellowish: (yellowish).jpg?dl=0 (old picture).jpg?dl=0

    Different colours: (close up).JPG?dl=0

    Here are all pictures:

    My theory is that there is no blood coming to the surface of my body, its going somewhere else.
    The other symptoms i have is various mental problems, fatigue, bad body odor and dry hair.

    Thanks for the help.

    Best Regards
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  2. ryan31337

    ryan31337 Senior Member

    South East, England
    Hi Daniel,

    Have you had any liver function tests done?

    I have hyperbilirubinemia (first noticed after becoming ill in adolescence) and yellowing of skin + itchiness can be attributed to that. It tends to get more pronounced when your body is under stress, like in the situations you mentioned above.

    In my case it was attributed to a supposedly harmless condition called Gilbert's Syndrome, but that has not been proven (no further investigations) and I have doubts that my liver function is not being influenced by other factors too.

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  3. Hi,
    The symptoms you mention (mental, fatigue, dry hair) could be hypothyroid related.

    Yellow skin sounds like a liver issue.

    On the hand photos, what is going on with the peeling skin and scabs? Is that a temporary injury, or is there some kind of skin condition going on?

    You have a moon on your thumbnail, but your pinkie nail looks white. It's hard to see the other nails.

    Many people with ME have no moons on their fingernails (I don't).

    Do your nails look like this:

    Or like this:

    Note that "jaundiced" means yellowish skin color.

    There are some other slides you can look at too, to see if there is a match.

    Also check out this series of three videos with Dr. Chi, who is an expert in diagnosing conditions by examining the fingernails and tongue.

    I noticed he has many more short new videos, but haven't viewed them. Those might be worth a look too.

    Accutane could have helped kill off candida in your gut, or some other bacterial infection. (but then you discontinued, and it grew back)
  4. jamienoble


    Thanks for you thoughts, i really appreciate it.

    Regarding the skin colour, the reason that i often look yellowish is not because the skin is yellow from the beginning, its the lightning that makes my skin very yellow.
    Today i was at the dentist and their room had cold lightning and my skin became totally grayish, i wish i could take a picture of that. Everyone look gray in such lightning but not at this level, and im always dark around the eyes.
    Its like there is a layer missing in my skin that prevents the skin from becoming that bright. Right now its sucking up all that light and reflecting it back.

    Ryan: First of all i love your avatar, brings back some memories from the past. :)
    My liver tests has all been normal, i don't think this is liver related because of that. Gilbert syndrome i also suspected i could have in the past.

    caledonia: This how my fingernails looks like (minus the thumb). I do have a moon on my thumb

    I also took a picture of my eyelid because there is some way you can see if you have anemia. I think it looks normal however.

    The peeling skin and scabs is just me eating my fingers, just an old bad habit from the past.
    Candida i have also ruled off, i took threelac for a while and didn't feel any difference.
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