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Irish TV Channel:Living with Lyme disease.

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS Discussion' started by Abha, Oct 18, 2016.

  1. Abha

    Abha Abha

    I have just watched this programme this evening and I'm sure it will be of interest to some here..I think it was a Pembroke Production and the producer was Brian Hurley whose wife(Jackie) has the illness.I have Rickettsia(two types) infections which is a tick borne disease and similar to Lyme disease.Dr Armin Schwarzback from Armin Labs in Augsburg, Germany featured in the documentary, as did Irish doctors and tick specialists including Dr Eoin Healy(Univ.coll.Cork).A number of patients who are crippled by the illness and in severe pain related their life experiences.One man who is now being treated in the USA told how he had contemplated driving under a lorry.Thoughts of his wife and young family persuaded him to do otherwise.Children of course are being affected too and are being diagnosed with juvenile arthritis and (chronic )fatigue(?).The adults too are being diagnosed with fibromyalgia/CFS/ME etc.One doctor/specialist(Scottish?)mentioned that anaplasma.which is a genus of rickettsia bacteria is more common in Ireland now than Lyme disease and patients are being treated for that with new treatments/cures(?)......The anaplasmas seemingly reside in the host blood cells.This disease is called anaplasmosis which most commonly occurs in tropical areas.

    Dr Armin and others are very critical of the Medical profession in relation to diagnosing/treating this serious illness that is now approaching epidemic proportions in Europe(USA is more advanced it was stated?)A few weeks of antibiotics is not good enough according to Dr Armin.Each case must be tackled individually.Most of the patients interviewed have had suicidal thoughts in relation to their illness.A lady(Ann Maher(?) from also spoke on the programme.The HSE in Ireland were invited to appear on the programme but didn't do so.The programme is showing again around 4am or 5am today(now Wednesday).
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