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Inositol Hexaniacinate and PABA ingredients - are they safe?

Discussion in 'General Treatment' started by DFams, Nov 23, 2016.

  1. DFams


    I'm severely overmethylating and looking into getting a B complex that doesn't have Folate/B12 in them, so I can take them seperately and/or in another non-methyl form (folinic acid and adensylcobalamin).

    BUT the B-minus by seeking health has both niacin and inositol hexaniacinate in it, and I've read in the past that inositol hexaniacinate (no flush niacin) should be very much avoided... (pretty sure the source said especially by those with MTHFR).

    I've seen it said a few times since, that it can be bad for the liver, and my liver is already in very bad shape... trying to recover from glutathione deficiency and to produce more of it, would hate for the opposite to happen.

    As well, I'm curious about PABA (para-aminobenzoic acid), as there's another no-folate/b12 complex called B-plex by BioCare that looks really good, and even has more in it that I need (choline, magnesium, vitamin c). But I've read that PABA can be very toxic, mostly in high doses, but it can cause rashes on the skin, etc.

    Particularly the thing that concerns me the most about PABA is that it more often causes allergic reactions than anything else it does... And that's my biggest hurdle in my health, is that I'm already allergic to EVERYTHING. I don't know if I'll eventually have an allergic reaction if it "builds up" in my liver or something?

    The absolute WORST thing that could happen is me becoming allergic to any of the other ingredients, or few foods left that I'm currently eating... So I'm really not sure if I want to take a chance with this one... despite having literally everything I need in one pill...

    So I kind of really need to understand this, why would these 2 companies even include ingredients like this if they were in fact toxic? And are they even really toxic at all? Can anyone possibly confirm whether or not these 2 things are safe?

    (links to the supplements):
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