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Improved (5yr)-sometimes dont notice it -now new baseline

Discussion in 'General Treatment' started by ty98, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. ty98


    I have not posted here for awhile.
    Have seen improvement from my baseline symptoms (fatigue, headaches, bloating, vision problems, cognitive difficulties, weakness, autonamic disfunction, reflux, sleep apnea, etc). Several attempts to improve these initially had very little results, until this year. Intial exams showed severe spinal compressions. 3 surguries were completed with minor improvements, symptoms continued to linger. Had multiple issues addressed by doctors and alternative medicine. Had minor improvements from medications including adderal, celexa, omeprezole, and supplements to improve dopamne and adrenal functions. Tried many other medications that most of which worsened the condition. The worsening part is significant because it can help with determining some issues.

    Today, symptoms are noticable in the morning. By afternoon, at times, they are not noticable at ALL. Even some mornings are much much better. This improment started initially by taking adderal, but after further searching and experimenting, I am not taking ANY drugs of this type. They do help, but I have been able to see why they help and to try to make improvements in other ways. I currently am taking b12 and adaptocrine. I take these with a multivitamin, and a pill for reflux. I also do alot of spine and neck routine exercising, daily. I also use a CPAP. Nothing else. The main improvement though was to reduce stress, find things that are only POSTIVE, and push on the routine exercises. I have a chiropractor help with the excersing. The medications that were taken ealier helped production of hormones, like dopamine. These hormones control the spinal signaling and help with the brain/body response system. This disfuntion is different as an adult. In children, it results in ADHD. This is not the case for an adult. I had urine dopamine testing completed (in addition to houndreds of other tests) and could see somethings that were not normal. This is however only one of the many issues. There are several issues that develop from the Whole Body fatigue. All of the issues are improved by focusing on improving the nerological signal disfunction though minor medications, exercise, and positive attitude. I needed to make some environmental changes to help with the more Positive lifesyle. I will retire that handicap tag soon. Hope this is helpful to some. Just my experience.
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