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Important info for Sth Aussies re new electricity rebate

Discussion in 'Finances, Work, and Disability' started by taniaaust1, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. taniaaust1

    taniaaust1 Senior Member

    Sth Australia
    Medical Heating and Cooling Concession

    I applied for this the new rebate last week even thou there was something on the news that only 10% of those with disability who are applying end up being approved for it. I want to share how my CFS specialist filled out the form and the rejection letter which came back, so others can fill out their rebate forms in a way which wont be rejected on the grounds mine was. (I hate all the form hassels we get and really hope this will save someone hassel).

    How not to get form filled out, you'll get rejected - [​IMG]
    Rejection Letter here - [​IMG]

    By the rejection letter, you need to have the fourth box in section B ticked.. ticks in sections A and B without that will not qualify.

    I dont think my CFS specialist liked filling out the form and hence Im dreading to tell him it was rejected and to ask him to fill it out again with that box also ticked. :( . I will thou try again (and then see if next time they will reject on grounds of CFS and POTS which isnt in the listed conditions they already have tick boxes for.

    From their reply thou not specificallly mentioned, they "may" be still considering if ones with ME/CFS and POTS will qualify, thou some of the other states in Australia have these kind of electricial rebates which I know ones with ME/CFS have been getting for years.

    Once again.. Sth Australia is behind the other states in far as this illness and disability goes.

    ps... let me know if you are in Sth Australia and manage to get this rebate. My monthly electricity bill this month for just me was over $520 (and Im living on a pension so that's huge). Im so needing this rebate to help pay my electricity bills as my body cant handle heat or cold well (one summer I went unconscious 3 times in my house as my body couldnt handle the heat, it could of killed me).

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