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I'm looking for a new Dr in or near the Reading/Philadelphia area..

Discussion in 'ME/CFS Doctors' started by Mesurfer, May 7, 2017.

  1. Mesurfer


    My M.E. specialists of almost 10 yrs, He is retiring this September. He was an amazing dr and I'm pretty sad he's retiring because he is one of the only drs that listened to me and helped me with my horific insomnia which had plagued me for the first 8 years of my illness without effective treatment. He also enrolled me in the CDC study which is still currently underway. I think I will see him one last time this summer for my last CDC follow up.

    He treated me very well and tried many approaches with me. He kept me going as best he could but unfortunately my health has slowly deteriorated over the years as often it does with myalgic encephalomyalitis, and honestly... I've kinda given up on ever getting better or seeing any improvement unless there is a MAJOR breakthrough(which is doubtful in my lifetime) I've been there, done that... pills, potions, lotions... It's more about maintaining any little bit of quality of life I have left at this point.

    I live with my parents and am mostly home bound. I do some chores and take 1 or 2 little walks a day. I usually shower every 2nd or 3rd day and I can still drive. Anyway, I liked my dr because I only had to go into the office once a year and do a phone consult every 6 months. How will I ever find another dr like this. I'm afraid the process of finding a new dr is going to take all of my energy recourses and set me back. I'm not looking forward to this. Tomorrow I start making phone calls... suggestions would be greatly apreciated...
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