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IiME newsletter Jan 2017- Fluge visit, C of Ex, Tullers presentation

Discussion in 'Latest ME/CFS Research' started by slysaint, Jan 26, 2017.

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    IiME newsletter:

    At the end of January three members of the Norwegian Haukeland University Hospital RituxME team from Bergen will visit the Norwich Centre for ME.

    Already the IiMER funded researchers have been collaborating with Dr Fluge and Professor Mella and the team in Bergen - with Dr Jo Cambridge and Fane Mensah both having visited Norway as part of their continued collaboration to study the potential role of B cells in ME and they continue this collaboration.

    IiMER also funded our advisor, Professor Jo Edwards as the first to visit Bergen back in the autumn of 2013.

    This close collaboration benefits all researchers involved and the prospects for the future for people with ME.

    Now a full day workshop will be held to plan the UK rituximab trial and the project will now take shape.


    Following the workshop - which is focused on the planning of the UK rituximab trial and future collaboration - the team will transit from the Centre of Excellence research park to the centre of Norwich for an evening event - Solving Complex Disease with High-Quality Biomedical Research.

    Dr Fluge will be joined by Professor Carding and Dr Ingrid Rekeland and Kari Sørland to present an interesting program highlighting the research underway in Norway and in the Centre at Norwich/UCL.

    The benfits of our strategy of international collaboration in research into ME will be visibly demonstrated at the lectures.

    There are still places which can be reserved. The meeting is free but registration is required.

    It is a unique opportunity for researchers, doctors, medical students, patient groups, patients, carers, the media and the public to become informed of the current research being performed in UK and Europe.

    The event will also kick off the UK Centre of Excellence campaign to raise more awareness of the unique possibilities with the international research centre.

    Please contact Invest in ME Research if you are interested in attending this event - bookings are necessary for what we anticipate will be a very popular event.

    Read more




    The development of the UK Centre of Excellence for ME is going as planned. With 5 PhDs working on ME we are looking to the future.

    The visit by the Norwegian Haukeland RituxME team from Bergen will set the UK rituximab trial on a correct footing and increase the international collaboration.

    The research at UCL has been augmented by a collaboration between Fane Mensah and Chris Armstrong thanks to a grant from Solve CFS.

    Thanks to all those who have donated to the rituximab trial - including organisations and individuals from around the world.

    The other research at the Centre - which started with the foundation project - is underway - more details here.

    Itis good to see that more acceptance of our model is gaining ground and that support for the Centre is increasing.

    But we do welcome more support - ways to help us are here.

    Or our Big Give link here.

    #CofEforME #letsCresearch




    The latest total for the rituximab/B-cell research that has been raised/pledged for past, present and future projects is now £504,000.

    That is a news item which should be of major interest to the media - demonstrating the huge efforts of our supporters to establish high-quality research.

    This total includes funds already released for the preliminary B-cell study and the continuing B-cell research being undertaken at UCL.

    Read more


    VISIT to the CMO


    Our visit to the CMO took place in early January.

    We took a party to the CMO's office which included Countess Mar, Professor Jo Edwards, Dr Ian Gibson and Fane Mensah.

    We prepared an agenda and discussed many of the things that are wrong with how ME is researched, treated and perceived.

    Some of this seemed to be a real surprise to the CMO's office.

    We will have more details of the visit very shortly.







    We have added to our list of speakers for the 12th International ME Conference in London on 2nd June 2017.


    We are delighted that Professor Ian Charles - Director of the Institute of Food Research and lead for the new Quadram Institute in Norwich Research Park - will be opening the confrence.

    Professor Charles spoke at our 2015 Conference.

    The UK Centre of Excellence for ME hub at Norwich Research Park provides a unique opportunity to share the future of research into ME for UK and Europe for the next decade.

    Also opening will be Dr Vicky Whittemore from NIH in USA. We are very pleased to see Dr Whittemore return to the conference and Colloquium as a great deal of dynamism occurred in last year's events and the events benefited enormously from her presence and input.

    Other speakers announced for the conference / Colloquium include Professor Simon Carding from IFR/UEA, Professor Ron Davis from Stanford, Professor Mady Hornig from Columbia University, New York, and Professor Maureen Hanson from Cornell University in Ithaca, USA.

    We also welcome back Professor Olav Mella and Dr Øystein Fluge from Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen.

    We hope to have other announcements shortly.


    Early-bird registration fees are in effect currently.

    The conference web site contains more information.

    Register here -

    Agenda here -

    Venue Details here -

    News of the conference can be found here -



    Our seventh Biomedical Research into ME Colloquium - #BRMEC7 - is taking shape and we are pleased to have some very interesting presentations planned from some researcheres outside the field of ME as well as some who are at the forefront of research into the disease.

    We have invited researchers from eleven countries so far.

    More details at



    Our pre-conference dinner takes place on the evening before the #IIMEC12 Conference.

    This year we are proud to announce that David Tuller DrPh, - academic coordinator of University of California Berkeley's joint masters program in public health and journalism - will be giving the pre-conference dinner presentation.

    David has performed a magnificent piece of journalism by analysing the PACE Trial.

    We will not give away details of David's presentation at the dinner - but the working title is Tear It Up!

    Moredetails at




    Invest in ME Research

    UK Registered Charity Nr. 1153730

    PO BOX 561, Eastleigh SO50 0GQ

    Support ME Awareness and Research

    Legal Information
    Invest in ME - Research
    PO Box 561
    Hampshire SO50 0GQ
    Phone: +447759349743

    UK Charity Nr. 1153730

    eta: this will be the website for uk rituximab trial:
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