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If you are in the Atlanta, GA area and need help with shopping or food prep

Discussion in 'Lifestyle Management' started by CW1, Nov 16, 2017.

  1. CW1


    Hi All,

    If you are in the Atlanta, GA area, and are struggling with the challenge of cooking and/or prepping enough fresh healthy meals, I would really like to recommend a woman named Grace.

    She helped me tremendously when I was transitioning from my parents home to living on my own again.

    Grace specializes in whole food, organic, probiotic, locally sourced meals. She can follow whatever dietary protocol you are on, from Paleo to gluten free or whatever requirements you have. She can come to your home, or depending on your location, can deliver meals. Her rates are completely reasonable and very affordable!

    She comes to my home once a week and will cook about 4-6 meals that I can easily heat up. It’s been a true lifesaver!! Her services include shopping as well if you can’t get to the store.

    Grace also has experience working w/ CFS families, so it’s really nice to have someone who completely gets the illness.

    She offers free initial consultations. She can be reached at:

    If anyone else out there suffering can be helped by her also, nothing would me me happier! She really has made a difference for me. If anyone has any other questions please PM me!
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  2. tudiemoore

    tudiemoore Senior Member

    Southeast U.S.
    Hi. CW1--How long did you have Grace cooking for you?
    How did you meet her?
    How great to have healthy meals prepared for you!

    Do you know if she, or someone else you might know in the Atlanta area, does "around the house"
    Another pair of hands, so to speak!

    Even after moving over a year ago there are still things to do. I'm not really settled.
    I read of people here moving, sometimes repeatedly in a short time, and can't imagine!
    That's where another pair of hands could come in handy!
    Hope things are going well as 2018 starts and the year is spectacular for you :redface:

  3. CW1


    Hi Tudiemoore!

    Grace is still cooking for me. She comes to my place once a week. I believe she only provides cooking, food shopping, and food prep services but I will ask her to make sure.

    I don’t know of anyone off hand who does around the house stuff, but I can keep and eye/ear out. Are you looking for more like handy man type things or unpacking boxes? Or both?

    I know you’ve been here a year but Welcome to Atlanta and happy new year!

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