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IBS and Streptococcus/enterococcus

Discussion in 'General Treatment' started by Elph68, Nov 2, 2013.


Do you test positive to Streptococcus antibodies?

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  1. Elph68

    Elph68 Senior Member

    Hi All,

    I just want to bring you up to date with some further research .... It got the better of me with regards to what my doctors were telling me, that is my auto-immune response and tiredness etc. was nothing to do with an infection/inflammation and that it was all in my head. My burning hands and feet, these electric shocks and pins and needles that run up and down my legs, the extreme lethargy, my whole body feels like lead, the runny stools, the post exertional pain ...... All my lab tests were normal flora, yet i have a sore throat, prostate, nose, eyes and gut .... so I went to another doctor and asked for a DNase B antibody test (I had already asked for this from my regular doc, but he said i don't have an infection) ..... The DNase B was 298, the ASOT 495 .... I have a confirmed strep infection!!! Yet I don't have one according to the lab swabs.

    So here is the thing, I have been saying that Strep/Enterococcus is one of the root causes of this disease, I now have several others here doing the same test ..... It is a simple test and any lab can do it. Particularly if you have kidney/blood pressure problems I would nearly bet my first born that you will test positive to these antibodies .... This is the auto-immune response that attacks our body ..... This is the missing link for quite a few of us .....

    Viridans streptococcus species are the cause, the labs consider them normal flora. An infection is when you have an overgrowth of 1 bacteria, but if you have several bacteria in normal quantities that are non puss forming which are your normal flora that have the ability to cause inflammation (infection) together their numbers are an overgrowth..... you then have an undetectable infection .... because it is normal flora ....

    How does this happen .... through plasmid (genetic material) sharing. Why does this happen .... you get a sore throat (Group A, B, C or G strep) and it shares the pathogenic traits with all other strep in your mouth and they now act in the same way as the known pathogens ..... They get in all our mucous membranes, as these are the normal flora, and your whole body goes into inflammation ..... and we all know what happens next ....

    If you get tartar or plaque on your teeth, then you have the strep bugs that can cause these antibodies, and they cause prostatitis, vaginitis, IBS, sore throat, skin sores, geographic tongue, mouth ulcers, eye inflammation etc. .....

    DNase B destroys DNA at the cellular level .... So if DNase B is in your system, what do you think is happening to your CNS, internal organs, muscles, joints etc.?? Chuck in there leaky gut, metabolic acidosis and hydrogen sulfide poisoning ..... I think we are going to be really sick if nothing else.

    Sorry guys ..... A lot of this seems all very simple to me, for a large percentage of us at least .....
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