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i have high prolactin and no libido help

Discussion in 'Hormones' started by tamara1234, May 27, 2015.

  1. tamara1234


    i recently went to an endocrinologist and they diagnosed me with a benign pituitary tumor and diagnosed me also with high prolactin levels a little over one hundred its not too high for a pituitary tumor and they prescribed me "Gabergoline" a prolactin lowering medication the worst symptoms i exhibit from the high prolactin is [no libido or low libido] and[ excessive hunger and weight gain] the summer of 2014 i had super extremely high sex drive and super high libido and i could have sex without pain once the summer was over i started taking this medication for bipolar and it make my prolactin rise im wondering if there is any herbal supplements that will lower the high prolactin if anyone can help please reply to this thread thanks :)
  2. halcyon

    halcyon Senior Member

    The typical way to lower prolactin is with dopamine agonist drugs, such as the Cabergoline you were prescribed. Have you been taking this drug and it's not helping, or have you not started taking it yet?

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