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I get chills for 2 weeks after a single attempt of killing gut microbes

Discussion in 'The Gut: De Meirleir & Maes; H2S; Leaky Gut' started by Lolinda, Aug 17, 2016.

  1. Lolinda

    Lolinda POTS + after meals, I need to lay in bed for hours

    How to resolve chills using a simple household grill

    Anyone interested in this thread, I just found a damn simple method for resolving chills. I did some health experiment today and got chills. My chills were just as usual: so bad that hugging two hot water bottles and being under two thick sheepwool winter-blankets did nothing to them. Drinking hot water neither. Now, what I did: I have a small household grill that has four heating rods inside. They turn glowing red when it grills food. I though they must emit infrared. Red all the benefits of saunas and infrared saunas. So I opened the front door and positioned me some 15cm from the grill, such that my belly or my back got a nice comfortable warmth out of that front door.
    ➞ A few minutes later all chills gone!!!
    I am amazed. It feels as nice and cosy in my body as if there never had been any chills at all... How come? It cant be the heat in itself because I did not come close enough to the opened grill door that it would be hot. It just felt pleasantly warm, simillar to a warm water bottle. So I ascribe it to the infrared as such.... It also had another amazing effects I did not have from heat alone: I felt like all my intestines started working intensely. Infrared rays penetrate the body some cm deep.

    ➞ I am curious if this works for other people plagued by chills, too? :)
    I guess it might work only for people w/o much fat under the skin, thus, where IR penetration depth really reaches inside...

    I did some fact-checking if it is really possible that a infrared from a cheap household grill has some health effects. My conclusion: a clear yes.
    Here a Harvard-professor with >300 publications thinks that:
    "Well, therapy is only effective at certain light lengths. 700-760nm has very little to no effect, and when you get to 800, the effects come back.
    ...all the wavelengths from 800-10,000nm do the same things"
    And here you learn which range it is what we humans sense as heat.
    ➞ My conclusion: if I sense it as heat then I can be sure it is in the therapeutic range. My simple kitchen grill is. :) :)
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