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Hypothyroid, adrenal fatigue and EBV

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS Discussion' started by James1324, Jun 8, 2015.

  1. James1324


    Hey guys new poster here. So I've had hashimotos hypothyroidism for a few years now, started at 20 years of age and now I'm 24. I've been treating it with dessicated natural thyroid and it seems to be going good. I also have mild adrenal fatigue, which I've done a saliva test for.

    I was decently healthy I could work and go to the gym 3 times a week, unfortunately I was hit with EBV and it knocked me hard. I was still trying to work and excericise but had to stop for 2 months, went back to work felt good for 1 week but the next week I was toast, so stopped again. Haven't worked since but I was able to get my health back 6 months later, worked my way up. I can go for 3 h walks and go to the gym 3 times a week, clearly not ME/CFS.

    I was taking NAC and glutathione supplemts at the same time when I got EBV. I've read some stuff on here about b12 depletion. I think I thoroughly depleted my b12 stores. I kept taking NAC and glutathione even when it was making me feel crappy but it was giving me energy but low motivation.

    My motivation was at an all time low couple weeks ago and so I researched around and took some b12 and folate under the tounge, NOW brand. I got lots of motivation back, energy and racing OCD thoughts. Stopped it after the first day. Felt amazing for one week, like how I did before EBV. I was still taking NAC all this time but only 3 times a week, for energy at the gym. Took another methly b12 500mcg under the tounge and same thing happens, anxiety, motivation, energy. I'm wondering if I should take b12 and folate or how to take them excactly with other supplements.

    When I did get EBV, my doctor gave me b12 shots 20g and vitamin C 100g IV. In a span of 1 month, I noticed that the b12 made me feel great with energy, Vit c made me feel same as taking NAC, it does increase glutathione but I did feel a bit better too.

    I know this a bit of a rant with no clear questions but I just felt like this place would know how to give me some advice moving forward. I know so far I'm lucky and my symptoms are far less severe than most on here. I guess it's just scary to know that I could possible get this and just trying to do as much as I can not to freak out. Also follow a paleo style diet, no grains or dairy.

    I'm big on supplements and take many atm like

    Magnesium glycinate
    Vit c
    Krill oil
    Vit d
    Digestive enzymes
    NAC, stopped for now

    Would be grateful for a couple of responses, don't mind donating $20 for a good answer.
  2. angee111


    If you're not having any neurological, cardiac or flu like symptoms it is highly unlikely you have CFS/ME. However I would encourage you to visit an endocrinologist that has interest or specialises in hashimoto's, and to see a doctor that has an interest in EBV and has treated patients who have had "post-viral fatigue" which was originally a name pegged for a subset of ME/CFS that occurred after a virus. If your only debilitating symptom is fatigue, you almost certainly don't have ME/CFS. Still, you may benefit from reading about the methylation protocol by Rich Von Konynenberg, given you feel significantly better on vitamin B12. Your supplementation regime looks great, essentially what most ME/CFS patients take and patients with generalised fatigue, though vitamin b6 would be a good addition.

    Please don't take anything I say as medical advice, it is best you consult with a professional who has experience in treating your ailments/symptoms. Best of luck :)
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  3. James1324


    My doctor specializes in hashimotos and also prescribed intravenous vitamin C and B12 after I got EBV, thankfully I'm covered in that aspect. My only concern now is high anxiety from methyl b12, I took 500mcg under the tongue and got horrible anxiety and its persisted for a couple of days, any thoughts on why that would happen?

    I've been doing some reading on the B12 section of this forum, and I'm sure I've lowered my levels because of NAC and reduced glutathione supplement. I was taking NAC with a glutathione supplement and EBV hit me around that time. I felt horrible taking those supplements at that time, although I was getting some energy and better skin, hair health, so I kept taking it in high doses for a couple of months, only the NAC though not the reduced glutathione.

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