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How to start methylation therapy when I depend on things that interfere?

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by fprefect, Oct 16, 2014.

  1. fprefect

    fprefect Ford Prefect

    hello everyone.

    i am almost certain methylation is at the core of my health issues. i haven't been able to start methylation therapy as i seem sensitive to the slightest change. i think other things i take might be affecting my response. i would appreciate your help. i feel like i increasingly can't think my way out of a paper bag. :)

    here are my questions:
    1. both Yasko's and Freddd's protocol say to add the supplements in a specific order. i already take some of the supplements from the later stages. i seem to depend on these for my daily function. do you know a way to gradually move from taking later stage supplements to taking earlier stage supplements *while maintaining basic mental function*?
    2. do you know a dr (md) who can help me with this transition over phone / skype?

    any ideas?


    1. my organic acids test result implies low b12, low glutathione and low magnesium. b12 improves my allodynia and initially improves mental clarity. magnesium improves my mental clarity. i have been taking more than 400mcg folic acid, but less than 160mcg hb12 for 1-5 years. i have been taking acetaminophen / paracetamol for 5+ years. coffee makes me feel worse after methylation treatment. brown rice (suspected methionine source) eventually makes me feel worse in a similar way to b12. so i suspect all this is due to a methylation issue, especially given my snps (in my signature).

    2. 160mcg hydroxo b12 drives my potassium gluconate demand to 2160mg daily. i was unable to tolerate 1/128th of a neurological health formula pill. so i haven't been able to start the Simplified Methylation Protocol.

    3. i take the following, amongst other things. i am fairly sure i depend on them for daily function.
    • berocca (b vitamin drink with 400mcg folic acid and many somewhat high b vit doses)
    • 1/8th centrum advance multivitamin pill (contains 50mcg folic acid)
    • d-ribose 6g
    • co-enzyme q10 200mg
    • acetyl l carnitine 1000mg
    • alpha lipoic acid 600mg

    4. i am searching on for a dr. the closest i have found is Dr Enlander, but his methylation focus seems to be on ensuring methylation supplements are taken. i am not sure he can help me move from my current supplements to the Simplified Methylation / Active B12 Protocol ones.
  2. ahmo

    ahmo Senior Member

    Northcoast NSW, Australia
    If you're already taking supps from a later stage, I can't see why you should stop them. I can't comment on most of your supps, except folic acid. Folic acid will block methylfolate. I see you don't have MTHFR issue. As far as I know, even w/o MTHFR folic acid is a problem. You can check for further info in the guide linked to my signature. You'll find several articles from Ben Lynch about this at
  3. fprefect

    fprefect Ford Prefect

    hi ahmo.

    thank you for your response. sorry for the delay. my energy has been used up dealing with symptom changes these past few days.

    elsewhere, someone was troubleshooting symptom changes on the active b12 protocol, but they started the later supplements first. Freddd suggested starting in the recommended order so they wouldn't have to troubleshoot issues he had already figured out. this seems sensible provided it can be tolerated.

    i don't recall why yasko suggests doing the protocol in order in her book.

    also, an issue we all deal with is lack of good data. starting supplements in the recommended order for either protocol would somewhat reduce variables between me and other people. that might make past forum posts somewhat more applicable to me.

    methionine depends on atp to be converted to SAMe. so perhaps reducing atp from supplements will make methylation supplements more tolerable. the obvious downside is reducing atp now. :) long term, methylation should generate atp anyway. i think that covers ribose, coenzyme q10, carnitine and lipoic acid as they are related to the krebs cycle, iirc.

    i checked the guides in your signature. i checked also. thank you for the info, especially the guide to the active b12 protocol. however, i didn't see any mention of folic acid being an issue without mthfr. do you know a specific page or a search term i could use?


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