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How to get on antienterovirals?

Discussion in 'Antivirals, Antibiotics and Immune Modulators' started by Frustrated, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. Frustrated


    I'm pretty sure what triggered my CFS was an enterovirus. There is a drug called pleconaril that has activity against them but annoyingly it doesn't seem to exist anymore.
  2. Charles555nc

    Charles555nc Senior Member

    I'd like to try this as well.
  3. JES

    JES Senior Member

    You may want to check on Dr. Chia, he is the expert doctor in enteroviruses and CFS. Pleconaril indeed doesn't exist any longer, Dr. Chia uses mostly Oxymatrine now. This MEPdia page lists some other potential anti-coxsackievirus compounds.
  4. halcyon

    halcyon Senior Member

    Pleconaril has not yet been approved for use. It has been used in human trials and compassionate use cases but nothing beyond that. It is thought that it won't have much effect against chronic infections however due to it only targeting viral entry. What we need are targeted replication inhibitors and there are none presently available. There are a number of compounds in the pipeline that look promising in animal models, but human trials are probably several years out.

    There are drugs that are available that have varying weak effects on enteroviruses. Drugs like ribavirin, amantadine, lamivudine, etc. These may or may not have any effect depending on what serotype you are infected with. There are also a whole bunch of plant compounds that have shown antiviral effects on various enteroviruses, but most of this is in vitro only evidence. I have found several of them efficacious, so I think they're worth trying anyways. If you search around the forum, @Hip has a post with a large list of these compounds.

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