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History of Medicin- case against sugar. Taubes G 2017.

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS News' started by student, Jun 7, 2017.

  1. student

    student Senior Member

    e summary book - case against sugar. Taubes G 2017. History of Medicin

    See: "historical findings" of nutritional understanding in the 20th century medical history.

    Industries may have (most likely) tempted us to beleave, what yesterdays medical world
    had focused on... What is the broder discussion about? SEE
    Perlmutter (Mercola) and others seem to stand out in this paradigma change
    of todays discussion - on nutritional guidlines in public health. As Fluege & Mella 11/ 2016 (Norway) already shown, is
    that this ME/CFS comunity could be influenced by this. There is an upcoming discussion on the 'cleaner' fat-for-fuel burning hypothesis. Not only are we fully in this. (These investigators have even shown a Pyruvat PDH-burning blog in ME/cfs patients energy pathways.)

    Clearly all this needs good discussion - in order to then develop steps that help on a daily basis (no general rules or any safegards are given for the application of changes).
    What happens here (in ytoube discussions) might in the long run be helpfull for this forum comunity...

    This Taubes 'summary'-e-Book is offered for 3 $ (/ €) in Germany.
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