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High B12 Levels When Taking Methyl B

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by gracee41, Feb 2, 2016.

  1. gracee41

    gracee41 Senior Member

    I know from reading here you can have a functional B12 deficiency and have normal B12 levels. I have MTHFR, high cortisol, hypothyrodism, and 24/7 shortness of breath. I've been treating the high cortisol for months now and is better. My glucose levels are finally in the normal range and symptoms are lessening. The shortness of breath has been terrible. Thyroid labs are normal.

    Recently, I developed a terrible cough and thought it was probably my yearly bought with bronchitis. The difference was, I started getting rigors nightly and even ran fever a couple of times. The rigors didn't feel like normal chills. I couldn't get warm no matter what I did. I have also experienced unexplained weight loss over the last few months to the tune of over 20 lbs. I know a B12 deficiency can cause weight loss. So, I started taking a little methyl b12 along with 400mcgs of methylfolate. I started with 250mcgs of methylb12 and worked up to 2000mcgs.

    With the first dose, I couldn't believe how much better I felt. My lungs opened up and it was totally wonderful. I stopped feeling cold as well. I also started taking magnesium and calcium as well. I felt great for about a week 1/2 and could breath normally again which I hadn't been able to do in a long time. Then, the shortness of breath returned and was even worse. Stopped the B12. Had labs done. My B12 level was greater than 2000. My iron levels were normal.

    Should I be concerned about my B12 levels being so high? Also, because my symptoms disappeared after starting Methyl B12, I believe I do have a deficiency. Did the shortness of breath return because I was taking too much? It appears if I was deficient, 2000mcgs isn't that high of a dose.
  2. PeterPositive

    PeterPositive Senior Member

    having B12 serum levels > 2000 is pretty normal if you have been taking supplements for some time.

    The thing is that just pushing up folate and B12 can consume other cofactor pretty quickly putting you out of balance. That's why it is always recommended to add a B complex together. Do you also take that?

    Potassium is another possible issue when pushing the methylation cycle too fast. Did you also check potassium levels in your labs? (although it may not be enough to assess a need for it)

    Since you already have issues with your thyroid it would be best to talk to your physician and see what might be wrong. Has your thyroid status/values changed since taking folate and B12? If so how?

    I'd say no.

  3. gracee41

    gracee41 Senior Member

    Thanks very much for your reply. My potassium was 4.6 so most likely not the issue. I have also been consuming a fair amout of potassium rich food daily including coconut water to try and keep my levels from falling. It has been 4.6 for a while now. Thyroid labs have not changed. I will get a B complex and see if that helps.
  4. ahmo

    ahmo Senior Member

    Northcoast NSW, Australia
    There are 3 links in my signature to different presentations of Freddd's Protocol. The first is simplified, an outline. The second has compiled information from Fred, including co-factors for B12/folate protocol. Even if you're not following FP, the info might be helpful. Bronchitis is one of many symptoms of pyroluria. You might check the link to pyroluria questionnaire, see if you score high. I got great benefits from adding the recommended supps (zinc, selenium, molybdenum manganese, p5p) Also linking a B12 info site. pyroluria questionnaire

    Pyroluria/Lyme protocol.
    This site was created as a hub to bring all the key websites on vitamin B12 deficiency together in one place.

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