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Hemi-sync for Deep Relaxation

Discussion in 'Alternative Therapies' started by Cort, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. Cort

    Cort Phoenix Rising Founder

    DreamBirdie turned me onto these audio CD's from the Monroe Institute. I haven't tried them yet but the idea of these specific audio sounds enabling me to achieve a more relaxed, healthful state is deeply interesting.

    Some researchers do think that 'information transport' is impeded in our brains. I wonder if this could help. I would think it could help in enabling a more relaxed state before sleep and better sleep overall.

    Holosync appears to attempt to do a similar thing (?)

  2. jenbooks

    jenbooks Guest

    I've used these for years. I actually went to the Monroe Institute for a training week. When I was using them regularly I was able to generate what is known as the "awakened mind" state as evidenced on a Mind Mirror--one usually seen in experienced meditators.

    I still use them all the time, because I live over a schoolyard and sometimes it's unbearable. I lay down and put on Sleeping Through the Rain or Midsummer Night. They do take you down into deep relaxation and back up. The binaural beats really do work. They essentially help your brain generate alpha, theta and/or delta by putting slightly different beats in each year. If one is 100 hz and the other 107 hz your brain will notice and generate the difference of 7 hz. Though this can't force you into alpha, it can help. In addition the musical choices are wide ranging, most of them new agey and pleasant.

    Edit: I read the other thread and I should say though I listened to the 'instructional' ones at the Institute that week, I choose just the music ones. I don't actually like being guided, just like to flow into a state.

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