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Help with startup and detoxing

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by Rosehiptea, Jul 12, 2011.

  1. Rosehiptea


    I am new to the Forum and optimistic to try something to get to the root of my problems. 25 years now and I have been able to manage most of the pain and fatigue by using herbs and supplements. I had a bunch of blood work done last year when I switched doctors and was told my blood work was encouraging. BUT of course I know that I still feel horrible. My b-12 level was at 396. That could be somewhat elevated because I was using supplements more at the time of this testing but that is still low. My biggest concern is that the numbness in my left foot that I have had for over 5 years, is moving into my right foot also. I am just grateful to have found this information now and not later. This is only one of the many symptoms but one that causes me a lot of concern.

    I haven't had much luck using MD's to help me figure this out and I admit at this point I have more faith in myself and the research I am reading about B12 to give this a go. I tried two doses of the protocol and it was so powerful that I had to skip a day yesterday. I originally started with Sam-E because I was recently tested for Lyme disease and the results showed my immune system is low and that my WBC was somewhat elevated. I figured Sam-E would help with that and after my first dose I had a strong detox reaction with a very strong acetone smell in my nose. That led me somehow to a link to the Methylation Protocol which I have been researching ever since.

    Here is what I took once on Saturday and once Sunday morning and then I had to take a break. (Just wondering how to proceed without such a severe reaction)

    Am Supplements
    1 Jarrow Methyl B-12 1000Mg
    1 quarter tablet of Folapro
    1 quarter tablet of Actifolate
    1 Country Life Phosphatidylserine Complex
    1 Every Woman II Multivitamin by new chapter
    1 stress advantage by new chapter

    PM supplements - 1 Jarrow Methyl B-12 1000Mg

    I would like to know what others do to help with the increase in symptoms when first starting.I haven't felt this bad in a long time! Just wondering how best to ease into this and what supplements others take to ease the symptoms.

    I am prone to bronchitis/pneumonia and had a spell where I lost my sense of smell for 4 years after one of those infections. I notice that every morning since taking this I have an increase in my coughing and bronchial irritation so I know things are moving around. I feel as if I am just on the brink of getting a worse infection.

    I can't seem to get off the couch on the days I took this. Big increase in Brain fog, Muscle weakness and heaviness and generally low energy not helped by healing naps. Pain Levels increasing too. This morning is a bit better because I skipped taking them yesterday. I want to proceed and get things healing but it seems I am a bit more toxic then I ever realized. I eat really well mostly fruit, veggies and our own grassfed beef and chickens so I have used my diet and supplement for years to fight this but I know that hasn't brought the complete healing I want.

    Any help with the detox would be appreciated
    Thanks Debbie
  2. aprilk1869

    aprilk1869 Senior Member

    Scotland, UK
    Just a very quick comment, many people end up with low potassium levels when healing begins and this is often confused with detox. Low potassium can cause muscle weakness in addition to many other symptoms. There are some people here needing to take as many as 12 tablets a day to deal with it. Try taking 5 tablets with plenty of water to see whether your symptoms improve any.
  3. Rosehiptea


    Thank you for your response, I had read somewhere about the Potassium so I will give the potassium a try. I often find it is the most critical nutrients that get out of whack so easily. Thanks again
  4. Freddd

    Freddd Senior Member

    Salt Lake City
    Hi Debbie,

    I just want to add that you may also be experiencing paradoxical folate deficiency from the folinic acid and/or folic acid in some of your supplements with overlapping symptoms with low potassium. This is also frequently called "detox".

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