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Help with result -----CBS

Discussion in 'General Symptoms' started by ninauae, Feb 9, 2013.

  1. ninauae


    I received Doctor Yasko DNA result last week so need someone to help me like greenshorts or some expert in this field.
    My result are given below:

    COMT V158M +/- Hetero
    COMT H62H +/- Hetero

    COMT 61 -/- G

    VDR ----Taq—tt--- C
    VDR---- Fok ----FF ---C

    MAO A R297R +/+ T
    ACAT 1-02 +/- Hetero
    MTHFR C677T -/- C
    MTHFR 3 -/- C
    MTHFR A1298C -/- A

    MTR A2756G +/+ G
    MTRR A66G +/+ G

    MTRR H595Y -/- C
    MTRR K350A -/- A
    MTRR R415T -/- C
    MTRR S257T -/- T
    MTRR 11 -/- G
    BHMT 1 -/- A

    BHMT 2 +/- Hetero
    BHMT 4 +/- Hetero
    BHMT 8 +/- Hetero
    AHCY 1 +/- Hetero
    AHCY 2 +/- Hetero
    AHCY 19 +/- Hetero
    CBS C699T +/- Hetero
    CBS A360A +/- Hetero

    CBS N212N -/- C
    SUOX S370S -/- No Support Needed
    SHMT C1420T -/- G
    NOS----- D298E----- -/- G

    I did my Vitamin D serum test as well which is 6 Low. My serum uric acid is also higher side so wondering who can help me with this.
    All the help will be appreciated and looking forward to the answers.

  2. rlc

    rlc Senior Member

    Hi ninauae, Sorry don’t know enough about that test to help, but I can tell you that you are severely vitamin D deficient!!! Don’t know if the 6, is in nmol/L or ng/ml different countries use different units of measurement. But it should be above 75 nmol/L or 30 ng/ml, preferably a lot higher. Vitamin D deficiency, causes severe fatigue, brain fog, muscle pain, depressed mode etc, and with levels as low as yours it is likely to ultimately lead to Osteoporosis. So it needs to be treated, if you are lucky, it could be the sole cause of your symptoms, and you will get better with treatment.

    My advice would be to get your doctor to give you large doses of Vitamin d to cure it, but first they should test your calcium, because there are some diseases that if you have you shouldn’t take Vitamin D, the calcium test will show if you have any of these diseases.

    Some people experience, some problems when taking vitamin D, these are usually caused by a lack of co factors like Magnesium, and taking supplements will solve this see http://www.vitamindcouncil.org/about-vitamin-d/vitamin-d-cofactors/ Vitamin D deficiency can be cured very quickly if your doctor gives you big enough doses, make sure that they retest you after a while to make sure that your levels have risen high enough.

    When you say your serum uric acid is on higher side, do you mean it is above the reference range, if so, you want to get your doctor to investigate it, because it can be a sign of 108 different illnesses see http://en.diagnosispro.com/differential_diagnosis-for/neoplastic-disorders-uric-acid-serum-lab-increased/10513-154-140.html
    Hope this helps
    All the best

  3. ninauae


    Thank you for your reply rlc and I checked vit D it is 6 ng/ml. I was wondering high uric acid is related to some how with my DNA test results. I will definitely first solve vit d issue and than move on to Dr Yasko protocol help.
  4. caledonia


    Cincinnati, OH, USA
    Regarding your SNPs: you may have some work to do before you can get into the meat of it - you need to treat the "First Priority" mutations first. In your case, that's ACAT and CBS. After those, it looks like folate metabolism is not really an issue, but you'll need B12 supplementation. But not huge amounts, due to the COMT mutation.

    You may need to work on any gut issues first before working on the SNPs, as ACAT can cause gut issues.

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