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Help with Mold testing

Discussion in 'Fungal Infection (Yeast, Candida)' started by Daffodil, Jul 24, 2018.

  1. Daffodil

    Daffodil Senior Member

    Hi All. I need some help,

    My brain fog is severe. In the past, IV antibiotics are the only thing that ever helped but the improvement went away once I stopped the IV.

    My gut flora is really messed up but probiotics and antibiotics dont even touch the fog.

    I have done years of antibiotics and years of antivirals but the fog has never been helped much.

    I am reaching my limit with this after almost 26 yrs. It makes me so depressed and hopeless. My energy is a little better but I cannot think and still feel like my head is swollen. Sometimes it feels throbbing and like it will explode.

    I do feel like my nose is blocked in a way but I think it is just trigger points in the neck causing this, or inflammation from the disease. I have no post nasal drip or headaches.

    So, I want to explore the mold issue since I am out of avenues to explore.

    9 years ago, I had nasal swab by a very good doctor in NYC but it was negative (I dont even know if he tested for mold but I think he did)

    I did the Dr. Brewer nasal spray regimen for a couple of months and did feel worse fog and some more fatigue but it is still unclear if it was die off or what. My local doc (not CFS doc) said maybe I am just changing the sinus flora and that is causing the symptoms. Then my specialists wanted me to switch antibiotics which made me sicker so I gave up the nasal thing.

    Could someone tell me the best test I can take for this? Could I still have mold in my sinuses causing my problems even if I do not have typical symptoms? Is there a blood test I can send away for? A mail in swab test? What are the best labs for this?

    I know all this has been discussed on many threads but my fog is so severe right now, I cannot wade through all the info....

    Thanks for reading:)

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