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Help with methylation, interpreting OATS and micronutrient test

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by sk123, Jun 13, 2017.

  1. sk123


    Rich or another experienced member,can someone PLEASEEEEEE help decipher some things on the organic acids test and he micronutrient test ? Any insight on how to get methylation going and where the kink might be ? I had the OATS test done from Great Plains in Jan 2017 and Spectracell micronutrients done in May 2017. When I got the results of OATS test, I started on a gut cleansing protocol of using olive leaf extract, oregano oil, uva ursi, sometimes pau d arco tea, and using biocidin drops swtiched off every 4 days for 2 months. But when I did the spectracell micronutrient test, it seems my B vitamins are much lower than even last year. So does this mean the pathogens aren't completely gone yet? I had a gradual increase in energy for about 2 wks towards end of the 2month protocol and then after a stressful week came crashing down. Not sure if it was the 5htp, the molybdenum , or the killing of the bad bacteria that had helped.

    My concern is the high 3 hydroxybutyric , acetoacetic, and basically all keytones and the mitochondrial markers. The suggestion given is to supplement carnitine. I have been taking L acetyl carninitine 500 mg in AM with Doctors Best carnitine fumerate before bfast and maybe another 500 mg at lunch or so. I had also started the 50 mg of 5HTP at night along with 50 mg of P5P B6 at night. I also take 50 mg of b6 in Am now. I take active B2 50 mg twice daily as well . I also take a THorne basic B in AM and megafoods B complex in afternoon. So in all that's a lot of B complex vitamins but folate, B12 , B6, B5, and B2 remain low.

    I am hetero for all CBS SNPS and BHMT 08 nad BHMT R239Q. Homocysteine is normally around 7 but I do notice it go to a 5 when doing a lot of methylcobalamin b12 (1000mg daily). I have been taking 50 mcg of molybdenum to address CBS SNPS..not sure if they are expressing though. I am also hetero for 1298C and COMP V158M

    I am homozygous for SOD2 ,SOD2 A16v,CD 14, RAD 50, GSMT3, AGT, DHFR, MTHFD1L, MTHFS, PEMT (2 of 3), and NDUFS7

    So my question is how much folate to supplement and when? I understand transulferation pathway needs to be addressed first. How else to address that pathway besides molybdenum? I eat a lot of cruciferorous veges and wouldn't be able to just cut back as that's the foundation of my gluten free diet.

    Methyl malonic acid was quite high on OATS I added in lithium orotate 5mg daily. B12 on blood work shows very high around 2000 but low on OATS and barely sufficient on micronutrient test. SO what type of B12 is best in this scenario? Dibencozide will bring MMA down but is it that I might be lacking in lithium or that something else is not letting absorb the b12? I had been taking methylcobalamin mostly all last year.

    What could possibly be causing such askewed results on OATS and disrupting Krebs cycle?
    Have patients found that2 months is enough on antimicrobials or is more time needed? Anything else that patients have found to work well for gut cleansing? I am waiting on hair elements test to rule out heavy metals.

    Thank you for all the insights!

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  2. Learner1

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    Pacific Northwest
    @sk123 Responding to your asking me to look at your results from the other thread... You asked what I think...

    First, a stool test should be a high priority. Looks like you have abundant fungus in your gut and some misbehaving bacteria. Getting your gut working right would be a high priority. Also, might you have a gluten problem? Being on an anticandida diet, antifungals like Diflucan and Nystatin, and avoiding alcohol would be useful. Do you have adequate good bacteria to properly break down food, convert and assimilate nutrients? Wonder how your gut lining is...

    Next, you may have said elsewhere, but what kind of diet are you on? If it's ketogenic, your results say so, but I'm puzzled by the fungi above - were you on an antibiotic? If you're not on a ketogenic diet, then you have a fat digestion problem. Need pancreas and gall bladder working properly. You might try digestive enzymes. Low pyruvate means you have trouble with carbs??

    You're very deficient in B12 and biotin - both get assimilated by happy bacteria in your gut. You probably need to increase your intake to compensate. Also, you may need more P5P - its used in many places, detoxing, heme synthesis, and most important sphingolipid production. Need D and K2 too. And pantothenic acid... Needed for CoA.

    Last, though these tests have a lot of info, they're a poor substitute for a NutrEval. I've had the SpectraCell and NutrEval done, and just find the NutrEval more accurate (when results are compared with other tests) and comprehensive.

    How are your levels of taurine, tyrosine, methionine, and the other aminos? It looks like you have some sort of tyrosine problem. I wonder if your homocysteine is artificially low due to low methionine. You seem to have high phenylalanine - its unlikely you have PKU, but more info would help. And knowing about toxicity would help, too.

    If you have any psychiatric symptoms, there are items here that can be worked to help.

    Getting on a gut fixing program with antifungal, getting rid of gluten (and maybe other grains) and getting on a better B vitamin program would help. I like Thorne Bs - there's B Complex 12, MethylGuard Plus and Pantethine would help. They also have a vitamin D/K product. You might look into taking tyrosine, too, but you need to figure out what's going on with phenylalanine - its high for some reason.

    You might need more carnitine, but watch TMAO. And NT Factor may be helpful for you, too.

    Gotta run...hope this helps...

    And please remember, I'm just a patient, not a doctor...
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