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Help interpreting NutrEval and Th1/Th2/Th17! recently post-mastectomy and unsure about next surgery

Discussion in 'Diagnostic Guidelines and Laboratory Testing' started by gils001, Jun 30, 2015.

  1. gils001


    Hi everyone! I know this is a huge ask, but hoping there are some super smart/super kind souls who are willing to help me out here. I've had some testing done to evaluate my overall health and am now incredibly overwhelmed by the results. They also seem to be less than ideal (less than expected at least), which is know concerning my since I'm due for a second surgery soon... particularly considering it includes implants, which I'm worried could trigger some bigger issues. I tried to look into this on my own and am just so confused, and probably overreacting since I don't really understand the results.

    A little about me: I'm 29 and female, overall in good health but have had a few issues. The biggie right now is that I had a bilateral mastectomy in late April due to BRCA 1 mutation and strong family history of young breast and ovarian cancers. So of course, surgery means lots of painkillers, anesthesia and a month of antibiotics (not sure if this could've altered the results). I'm due for reconstruction surgery in early Aug.
    Prior to this surgery, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's. I also have had relatively eczema and very mild vitiligo since I was really young, so seems like there's a tendency towards autoimmune issues. I also know that I have some methylation issues-- heterozygous for C677T. Started the Autoimmune Protocol (which is similar to paleo except no nightshades, nuts, seeds or eggs) recently and have been following it mostly for a few months. But honestly, I'll be really strict for like 3 weeks and then go off it for like a week. Working on being better at being 100% compliant. Ok I think that's it.

    If anyone has any expertise in this area and is willing to help out, that would be AMAZING. I'm uploading both full files (password 30339) and will give an overview below. Thanks so, so much in advance.

    - Borderline deficient in Molybdenum (this came up as very low in a hair mineral test)
    - Very low biotin (b7) and thiamin (b1)
    - very low pancreatic enzymes
    - very elevated DHPPA
    - low 3-methyl-4-OH-phenylgycol
    - low lactic acid
    - elevated adipic acid and/or suberic acid in urine
    - elevated Beta-hydroxybutyric Acid
    - high Alpha-ketoisovaleric Acid
    - elevated Alpha-ketoisocaproic Acid
    - elevated Alpha-keto-beta-methylvaleric Acid
    - low histidine in urine
    - low lysine in urine
    - very low alanine
    - low cystine
    - very high cyestine
    - low glutamine
    - low glycine
    - low tyrosine
    - low Ethanolamine
    - elevated Beta-aminoisobutyric acid
    - subnormal Cystathionine
    - elevated citrulline (but urea is not depressed)
    - elevated isoleucine
    - Oleic acid is within the reference range, but above the functional physiologic range
    - Palmitoleic acid and/or Vaccenic acid (omega-7 fats) are above the reference
    - Pentadecanoic acid and/or Tricosanoic acid are within the reference range but above the functional physiologic range.

    - everything was normal at baseline except IL-10 which was elevated (11.7, upper level of normal is 9.3).IL-17, IFN-gamma, IL-2 and IL-13 were all a little low
    - at the first stage of stimulation, everything was normal except IL-6, TNF-alpha and IL-17 which were all low
    - at the second stage of stimulation everything was normal except IFN-gamma was elevated while TNF-Alpha and IL-17 were both very low
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