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Having nightmares due to the dysautonomia

Discussion in 'Sleep' started by taniaaust1, Sep 15, 2012.

  1. taniaaust1

    taniaaust1 Senior Member

    Sth Australia
    It's nearly 3am and Im too worried Im going to have another dream about the dysautonomia and the experiences Ive had around that its stopping me from being able to sleep tonight, Ive already twice had nightmares over it tonight so fearing Im just going to have another one. :aghhh:

    The below is example of the dreams Im having (much of that has occured to me in real life and its all something which could happen). Is anyone else here having the dysautonomia symptom affecting them so badly (I think its affecting me bad as right now Im so scared Im going to keep going throu bad experiences with it as so far specialist hasnt managed to treat it well and the latest drug trial Im having for it so far isnt working).

    A dysautonomia nightmare... My boyfriend Keith*, my young daughter of around 3-6 years** and I have just started staying at a motel. I go out to get something down the street but I end up getting an attack of confusion and now not sure how to find my way back... after a short time thou I think Ive gotten my bearings and head back the motel.

    Im not sure if Im back at the right place and I also found due to how poorly my brain was functioning, that Ive lost my key to get in. A woman thou is going throu the door so I ask her and also get her to let me in. I are back at the right place (motel).

    Im still affected by the dysautonomia so confused and cant now remember my room number. Im feeling quite stressed due to all this, I really need to get back to the room and lay down. Im hoping that my boyfriend finds me and takes me to our room but he wouldnt know what is happening to me right now, to know to come looking for me.

    The dysautonomia (POTS) causes me to collapse onto the floor. Im now laying there tremoring due to it. Ive collapsed in highly used public place of the motel in which many people currently present. No one has come to my aid yet but quite a few people are looking at me wondering what is wrong with me.

    I get up and manage to walk a few steps (I need to try to ask for someone to look up what room Im in) before collapsing again. This time I went down right next to where the bar counter is (so in the busiest area of the room) and now are on the carpeted floor, surrounded by peoples legs.
    I move from that spot but still are on the floor as I cant get up again. People start thinking that Im some kind of mental case as they dont understand this illness, they think Im some kind of mental case as Im sitting on the floor, shaking and very upset (over all which is occurring).

    A burly guy suddenly grabs me and is holding onto my head HARD, he's hurting me. I start crying "You are hurting me, You are hurting me" but he's not listening to me. I ask him to help me find out what room Im in and help me get back to my boyfriend but he wont help. He wants to hold me there till ambulance or mental health people arrrive. He wont listen that I have dysautonomia and that is the reason why Im on the floor. Im still feeling confused as I dont have enough blood getting to my head and are really needing to lay down.
    The dream above was the second dream I had tonight on this subject and the clearest dream so I put it first. The first dream was all about my dysautonomia BP issues and about tests to do with that. I dreamed I over did things and caused this issue to get worst..

    I know these dreams were caused by my subconscious fears and just were things I go throu with this disorder. The symptoms I had in this dream...confusion, collapse and tremoring are ones I do get with the issue..

    At times I have very bad incidences with it which have really disturbed me including one 6-8 weeks back where I collapsed onto a busy roadway and couldnt be upright again (or I would of gone completely unconscious) and would of got hit by a car had my support worker not have been there to stand in the road stopping all the cars till I could crawl off of the road. I was still scared over the road collapse even thou she was there I thought I may get hit (scary being down on a busy roadway).. I dont think Im over that.

    The part of my dream where Im collapsed and just seeing a sea of legs around me.. that was the same as a real life experience Ive had. I once collapsed due to the dysautonomia at the Adelaide Fringe parade.. so was then on ground in a sea of legs (on that occassion I almost got trampled in the crowd and bystanders who tried to get the police for me to try to get me out of there, didnt manage to bring them back as the police just assumed I was a drunk so wouldnt come when they were saying someone was on the ground). I havent been to a parade since then.

    The part of the dream where Im having my head hurt due to the dysautonomia, that too has happened in real life. I once collapsed in a place and a guard put his booted foot down HARD on my head as I wouldnt (couldnt) get up. He didnt believe me that I couldnt be upright as I was going to pass out. Like this dream, in the real life experience, I was screaming "You are hurting me, You are hurting me" and the guy wouldnt listen (and just said something like he'd take his boot off my head if I got up). I ended up being picked up and thrown out of that area.

    I hope this these dysautonomia experiences Ive had dont end up leading to PTSD like i think some other very bad experiences ended up leading too (last year neighbours rang police in middle of the night as I was screaming in my sleep).

    Ive been soo concerned as the latest medication my specialist has me on a couple of weeks back for this issue (Clonidine, Im also on Florinef for it at the max dose he'll allow), isnt working. My specialist dont know what to do about my case and Im very desperate due to the major issues it's giving me and I cant leave my house alone due to it and the dangers it can put me in.

    The dreams is my subconciousness reliving stuff and attempting to solve something which cant currently be solved (maybe saline IVs would help me but my specialist dont see how he can arrange that). This dream disturbed me so much that Ive got up as Im worried this dream theme is going to happen a third time.. I was nearly crying when I awoke and still feel disturbed due to this subject.

    I sooo need the dysautonomia issue to be fixed.. its now starting to really affect me emotionally due to the experiences..
  2. August59

    August59 Daughters High School Graduation

    Upstate SC, USA
    Do you take tizanidine (Zanaflex in US) a muscle relaxer. At doses of 4mg and above it has been a known side effect in some people. I was taking 4mg at bedtime only for about 2 weeks and I started having horrible nightmares, but didn't tie it ti the tizanidine. Went back to doctor and went through the usual, he asked me if I had any nightmares. I quit the tizanidine and they were gone in 2 or 3 nights. Just an FYI
  3. taniaaust1

    taniaaust1 Senior Member

    Sth Australia
    No I dont take that drug. The only new drug Im on is Clonidine which I started a week ago for the dysautonomia. I dont think thou the nightmares are related to that as Ive had nightmares on ME/CFS stuff in the past but this is the first time Ive had the dysautonomia causing me real issues with nightmares.

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