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Has taking a Fiber supplement helped you ?

Discussion in 'The Gut: De Meirleir & Maes; H2S; Leaky Gut' started by Bansaw, Sep 2, 2016.

  1. Bansaw

    Bansaw Senior Member

    I think there's not enough fiber in my diet. Has any of you found adding a Fiber supplement helpful?
    (Healthy flow in the gut = better gut health = better overall health...)
    If so, what did you try?
  2. PennyIA

    PennyIA Senior Member

    Nope (tried four or five types) nor probiotics (tried about ten types). But, I don't have a slow flow... I struggle with frequent diarrhea; which I've repeatedly been told can be managed by adding fiber (only made it worse) then probiotics (only made it worse). I've been able to reduce it from 25+ times per month down to around 3-4 times per month with removing items from my diet that seem to contribute to it.
  3. hellytheelephant

    hellytheelephant Senior Member

    S W England
    I buy a huge sack of Psillium and daily have 2-3 teaspoons in water followed by another glass ( you MUST drink plenty) It is effective and has no additives, sweetners etc and is quite cheap.

    Having said that I am in the process of rebooting my diet and have cut out additives, sugar and wheat and have upped my veg intake and am 'going' at least once a day without Psillium most days . Always a bit blocked up due to the meds I take though...
  4. JohnCB

    JohnCB Immoderate

    My situation is that I used to have diarrhoea type IBS and I used to be prescribed Lomotil for that by the GP. Later on I was also prescribed Mebeverine for the spasms that went with the IBS. Over the years my pain levels increased and I was prescribed codeine. As my codeine levels were increased this made the Lomotil unnecessary, and as the codeine went up further I got constipation instead. Now the GP prescribes Fybogel (Ispaghula husk) but it is an over the counter product. This does a good job, I am on a single sachet per day and I am generally quite comfortable these days. It doesn't make any difference to my ME/CFS in any other way.

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