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Has anyone had experience with Sheryl Leventhal?

Discussion in 'ME/CFS Doctors' started by Scotty81, Nov 5, 2014.

  1. Scotty81



    I’m considering taking my daughter to see Sheryl Leventhal, MD and wondered if anyone else has seen her. In addition to CFS, my daughter has FM, POTS, adrenal fatigue and some GI issues. My daughter has done a 23andme test and she had a Methylation Pathways Panel test, which confirmed some deficiencies in parts of her overall methylation cycle. Her 23andme test also showed some SNPs (A1298C, C677T, and others) which predispose her to some chronic health conditions, although I realize that it is not a guarantee of ill health.

    So, I’m interested in a practitioner who can advise us, based on the results of the above tests, as a start. I know of the Simplified Methylation Protocol, but I would want to start that only under the guidance of a practitioner. Also, I’ve read that depending on what specific genetic polymorphisms that one has, one may need to customize the protocol to minimize startup side-reactions. My daughter has already had tests for organic acids, amino acids, GI profile, etc. and has taken supplements to correct nutritional deficiencies, but without success. But, she has only recently done the 23andme and Methylation Pathways Panel test, so that provides new information to help guide a suggested treatment protocol.

    Sheryl Leventhal seems like a potential candidate here, but I’d like to get some confirmation from others before proceeding.

  2. Little Bluestem

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