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Hair Mineral Testing

Discussion in 'Alternative Therapies' started by Dog Person, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. Jigsaw

    Jigsaw Senior Member

    What dose were you on when you crashed? Were you doing the salt push on a regular basis throughout the day, and according to your detox signs and symptoms? Were you taking selenium, mag, Vit C, B2, B3, alongside the iodine? Were you taking Lugol's, or another form, like Nascent?

    I have been able to reduce my adrenal steroids and my thyroid meds on Lugol's. It happened naturally, but not until I'd worked up to 50mg/d, and I'd gad some fairly crappy detox symptoms. It certainly hasn't made me hypo, although obviously different people will have different responses to the same substance.

    Is it possible that your crash was in fact some hefty detoxing? Or caused by some hefty detoxing?

    I'm still detoxing, at c.100-140mg/d. I know I am, bevause I'll start sweating for no apparent reason, get a huge headache, feel sick, develop a rash (latest is on both cheekbones), and my pee changes colour. It can be actually brown, which is alarming - very def NOT dehydrated, drinking 3L plus water/d, and I more than pass the pinch test.

    I tried taking 1.5mg iodine kelp tablets a year or so ago, and felt diabolically unwell on them so I gave up. I didn't know about all the halides then.
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  2. renski

    renski Senior Member

    Hello, wondering if anyone can comment/offer advice or any direction on my hair mineral tests?

    My 2017 hair mineral test: I wasn't taking any supplements at all
    2018: I was on zinc for about 6 months prior, then about 2 months before the 2018 test I switched to mineral complex (this is why my Boron is higher now), and a few weeks prior to the 2018 test I also started supplementing more manganese, this might be why my Iron dropped a bit. My manganese has gone down, possibly due to the R5P or zinc I've been taking. I feel worse when I take manganese, i can tolerate it though. Zinc I can tolerate a little bit but once I take more then 10mg I start to feel worse. Chromium has gone down due to one of the other minerals I'm assuming.. I'm taking lithium only at a small dose because I can't handle large doses of it. I can't handle magnesium. There is a lot more going on but I have several B's which are low, my P5P is high in blood, etc.

    I'm not sure what to do with supplementation, the manganese seems to be lowering my iron, I guess I can reduce the manganese a bit. I'm wondering what is the big picture here, I think just because something is low doesn't mean I should always supplement it?

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  3. suraj


    Hi All

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