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Golden Girls show on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome from 1989!!

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS Discussion' started by Rich D, May 1, 2014.

  1. Rich D

    Rich D

    Just watched a Golden Girls episode from 1989 on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome! The episode is called Sick and Tired. I found this show amazing to watch. From 25 years ago, and the show could have aired today. Dorothy goes to several doctors complaining about feeling sick and nobody believes her. Then she finds a doctor who says she might have a new illness called chronic fatigue syndrome. She eventually bumps into her old doctor who dismissed her as having a psychiatric problem, and she tells him off in a way that we all wish we could do to doctors that have done that to us.

    This is a must see if you can catch it. It is on tonight at midnight and 12:30 (a two parter) on the Hallmark channel. Have any of you seen this?
  2. Sushi

    Sushi Moderation Resource Albuquerque

    We had an article on this--look Here.

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  3. Ayaju


    San Diego, CA
    Thanks for this, Rich. Found it and will record it. Wow, I bet I saw that show when it first aired which would have been seven years before I was stricken with CFS. So, what happened in following episodes, I wonder. Did they keep her sick with CFS or did following episodes simply act like it never happened and make Dorothy "normal." Judy
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  4. Raindrop

    Raindrop Senior Member

    Thanks so much for alerting me that this was on. Saw it - or part of it - yrs ago.
    Omg.....yes it COULD have been played today. I found that just SO sad. It feels like
    Drs. are really in the same place and so is awareness in general. But No! That CANNOT
    be true, is it? Boy do I wish I could tell off a doctor like that!!! Now days you could do that
    and risk that the Dr. would write notations about it and the entire medical system
    they are all connected to in your area would see it!! Glad I watched it anyway and maybe
    some of the population did as well. Thanks.

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