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Glutathione affecting hormones/menstrual cycle?

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by tootsieroll, Jul 4, 2018.

  1. tootsieroll


    Hi all! I am new here and I hope I can find solutions to my issues with my treatment. Through genetics testing it was indicated that I have low glutathione levels and addressed that with an oral liposomal glutathione. First it gave me massive cramps and diarrhea when I was taking two doses per day. Then I reduced to half a teaspoon every other day. That resolved the diarrhea issue but unbeknownst to me it was going to cause a complete delay in my monthly menstrual cycle.

    The first month I started the glutathione 2x a day, my period came and it was super light and was flowing for 2 days and then trickled away for the rest of the week. I was ecstatic cause this is coming from someone who had horrendous periods and would need to change almost every hour, so this was a miracle in my eyes. Come 2nd month on a reduced glutathione due to the painful diarrhea, my period did not come on day 28. It did not come day 30..it did not come day 40. I decided to stop glutathione cause it was the only change I made in my diet.

    My period finally came a couple days after as a surprise and then slowed down to nothing day 2-5 and then day 6-8 it's as if a faucet was turned on. I'm now going onto day 9 and it's very concerning and I'm a little worried. I may have considered what I had before as heavy flow but this is a little more significant than that. Does glutatione affect hormones and delay the monthly period? How will I be able to supplement for my condition if it creates a flood every month once I cease the glutathione? And also I have arthritis and a massive flare of arthritic pain of the spine and neck coincided with the use of glutathione. I literally cannot hold up my back or head. Sitting up hurts and lying down hurts with numb pressure everywhere. The only benefits I experienced from glutathione was some clarity in my brain fog and deeper sleep IF I managed to fall asleep.

    The side effects don't really seem worth it but I'm afraid of the consequences of not dealing with the low glutathione. Would NAC be a better choice?? The NAC is a part of a custom supplement package ordered by a genetic specialist and that has yet to come in the mail. My naturopath who is working with the specialist decided to start me on the glutathione himself since it was confirmed my glutathione is low. Was this a poor decision on his behalf? Any insight? thank you.

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