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Glutathion ok, but what to clean escaped toxins up?

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by Belgiangirl, Jun 17, 2017.

  1. Belgiangirl


    Dear all, I still didn't have the energy, chance ... to tell my whole story. I am a CFS patiënt from 31 years old, "diagnosed" @ 16.
    Have had better and worse moments, feeling no after all those times that there are sometimes very small windows in which we can escape this debilitating disease, very rarely they pass by. I had one I think somewhere around 4-3 months ago until like 2 weeks ago, I collapsed completely... due to extremely stress related issues on social / housing / finacial / relational (with parents) topic.

    But okay, on-topic:

    I bought Glutathion after looking on the internet.
    Glutathion releases toxins and bad stuff which hides in the fat cells in our body (although I almost have no fat cells, I have been exposed to heavy metal and others due to living nearby industrial metal plant and people finding it normal to burn their waist)
    I started to take it in for around 4 days: headaches, nauseau, not able to do anything anymore ...
    Of course I stopped and looked further. Actually takin in glutathin without something else is worse than not taking it.
    It does release (I have lipothion) toxins from fats ... but then they just keep streaming in your blood, eventually even get stuck in organs and crossing the blood-brain barrier! Provoking symptoms or even diseases...
    That is not what we want of course.

    Can someone please tell me what you need to take aside from Lipothion (glutation) that get's rid the toxins not only out of your fats and right into your circulation, but cutting it out of your circulation and so release it out of your body?

    Thank you very much!

    What I take too:
    - D-Ribose
    - Magnesium 450mg
    - Tonixx Plus
    - Resveratrol
    - Vit E (got that from mother)
    - NAC forte (I read you should take this before starting glutathione)

    - Selenium I had but stopped after noting it also was in the NAC forte and I felt indeed as mentioned here before like my mind wouldn't get to sleep, which is a problem I already do experience from myself.

    As told here I just had a good period.
    Things changed dramatically for me after an IVF cycle (without having an embyro implanted). I felt more and more energy ... Then i started this protocol, I even sported ... I had a new nice house with a gardento look forward too (now living very small in a studio). So this new perspectives, also me being very afraid to be extremely tired when I needed to move ...
    So I tried to do my best to keep fit and I succeeded.
    For once, at least the hourse that I was awake (I live from around 12-1pm until around 10pm) I could actually use and do things!!!! Which is a shock and I can not remember doing this for the last 3 years...

    Unfortunately very bad luck with the house, everything seemed to fell apart, emotional stress and people I love trying to sabotage me, a week in very big uncertainy without sleep ... and nothing is left of me again and I'm back to somewhere between mild and severe, despite the supplements... I really have to watch my steps careful and often have to go lay down again to rest, while I just got awake ...

    But I'm hopeful with the glutathion treatment. ;)
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  2. Mary

    Mary Forum Support Assistant

    Southern California
    @Belgiangirl - I had trouble with detoxing for many years. Anything that had any type of "cleansing" properties would cause a detox reaction for me. I was like you I think in that toxins would get mobilized, moving around in my body and making me feel sick, but never getting out - I've heard it called retoxing. e.g., a far infrared sauna treatment left me wiped out for 3 days.

    What finally seemed to change things for me were 3 amino acids which I stumbled across by accident: glycine, glutamine and inositol. Glycine especially caused a very strong detox reaction (I was taking it for sleep). It's a long story I won't go into, ,but I kept on taking these amino acids, in small doses to begin with (not all at once), and eventually got where I could tolerate them without having a detox reaction. And then I noticed that I had stopped reacting to a lot of things that used to make me detox and feel sick.

    And then I found this article which talks about Phase II liver detoxification, and it sounds like it may be what you are going through:

    I was already taking choline via my lecithin supplement. I was also already taking milk thistle, which can be very helpful for detoxing and liver health.

    You also might try activated charcoal or bentonite clay (taken between meals) to help mop of toxins.

    But I credit these 3 amino acids with improving my detox pathways - detoxing used to be a regular occurrence for me for many years, and it's not any more.
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  3. Learner1

    Learner1 Forum Support Assistant

    Pacific Northwest
    Helping the transsulfuration pathway with thiamine, molybdenum, and taurine may help.

    Also eat a lot of fiber (think vegetables) and take binders, which ideally should be matched to which toxins you're mobilizing. Quicksilver makes a universal binder.

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