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Getting neurotransmitters where they belong with COMT

Discussion in 'Cognition' started by DownTheRabbitHole, Feb 16, 2014.

  1. DownTheRabbitHole


    I am +/+ COMT V158M/H62H complicated with +/+ MAO-A R297R and +/- VDR Taq/Bsm.

    Most of my life I've had most of the neurological symptoms (some severe) that these genes produce in combination. Changing my diet, supplementation and mindfulness meditation have helped immensely but it still seems far harder to think productively and maintain an even mood on a consistent basis than it really ought to be.

    From what I understand of the mutations (especially as it relates to COMT), the neurotransmitters dopamine, epinephrine and norepinephrine are expressed too heavily in the wrong parts of the brain. Correct me if I'm wrong, but they should be expressed in higher concentrations in the frontal cortex..

    Is there any method, food or supplement to help set the brain right? I'm considering trying Seroquel, which supposedly does the job, but I'm not a big fan of prescription meds.
  2. Sea

    Sea Senior Member

    NSW Australia
    I am not trying to minimise your difficulties or your need for answers but I doubt trying to blame those snps will get you the answers you need.

    MAO-A R297R prevalence 32% a synonymous snp which means that the protein is unchanged by the allele change.

    COMT V158M prevalence 39% missense variant, non pathogenic

    COMT H62H prevalence 39% synonymous, again the protein is unchanged

    Their prevalence is far too high in the general population to say they cause neurological problems. In certain combinations they have been associated with all kinds of illnesses but they are certainly not the whole picture
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  3. DownTheRabbitHole


    That is what I am looking at, is their combined influence physiologically. Isolated, I would not expect there to be much of an impact.

    Currently this is all I have to go on, so I am researching solutions based on these.

    Although, recently changing my diet to drastically reduce all sulphur containing foods and increasing my Biotin, Manganese and Molybdenum supplementation has helped to significantly cut out the remaining brain fog and CFS symptoms.

    BTW, I tried Seroquel and it was a bust. However, if I ever need an amazing sleep aid, I'll turn to those. Couldn't stay awake even 30 min after taking the lowest dose.
  4. xchocoholic

    xchocoholic Senior Member


    I have no idea but I just had to type your username. :) I can't tell you how many rabbit holes I got trapped into since getting cfs.

    Fwiw, Dr David Perlmutter, Dogtorj (yes with a g) and any of the doctors involved in bio-medical treatments for autism might know this. I'd google DAN autism.

    As far as my 2ยข, since you're responding to diet and supplements, I'd make sure you're getting enough brain foods, rest and exercise. Easy on including exercise but imho it's important for brain function.

    Jsyk, sometimes we have to settle for a newer less efficient body after suffering an illness. Hopefully you won't but just to give you a heads up on this. I'm talking used Mercedes, not used Cavelier. :)

    Tc .. x

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