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food poisoning.

Discussion in 'Gastrointestinal and Urinary' started by Fuzzyhead, Oct 6, 2016.

  1. Fuzzyhead

    Fuzzyhead Senior Member

    Has anyone actually had food poisoning? I had diarrhea for 2 weeks with stomach cramps and generally feeling achey and unwell. My stool sample came back that i had a stomach infection which was campylobacter (food poisoning). I started antibiotics on monday and it has stopped me going to the toilet all day but my stools and stomach still aren't normal and i still feel a bit unwell. I know i am being silly but i keep thinking what if it isn't that and also been reading in the paper about people dying with a bug from pork!! Just wondering if anyone else has had it and did it take a while to feel better?
  2. snowathlete


    I had really bad food poisoning last year. I was very ill. I feel sorry for you, it's horrible. It took several months before I started to feel better, probably 5 months till I felt more normal. I didn't have abx.
  3. Dmitri

    Dmitri Senior Member

    What do you suspect to be the source of the food poisoning? The last time I had it was in 2010, possibly from a school cafeteria. Most cases I hear about seem to be from restaurants or eating facilities.
  4. TigerLilea

    TigerLilea Senior Member

    Vancouver, British Columbia
    I went through antibiotic associated diarrhea six months ago. It lasted for 10 days and I'm still trying to recover my health from that experience. Having diarrhea for a couple of weeks will have seriously screwed up your gut bacteria and it can take upwards of three to four years for some people to recover. :ill: I would definitely recommend that you take probiotics and as many different strains as you can find.
  5. CFS_for_19_years

    CFS_for_19_years Hoarder of biscuits

    I had confirmed Salmonella food poisoning years ago and it took some time to feel better.

    The antibiotics themselves mess with your gut flora so once you've completed the course of antibiotics and perhaps added some probiotics you will feel better. The fact that you've stopped going to the toilet all day is a good sign that the antibiotics are working. If the lab came back with a diagnosis of campylobacter and your doctor concurs that this is the cause of your illness, I think you should rest assured this is what you've got.

    I would reach out to your doctor's office to see if they have any recommendations for a diet. They may recommend a bland diet for now. See I would leave out dairy products. ETA: Low-fat yogurt might be OK, but can't be sure. You could see how it affects you.

    The reports about people dying from a bug from pork (trichinosis) should be put in perspective - it rarely occurs in developed countries. It comes from eating under-cooked contaminated pork.
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  6. taniaaust1

    taniaaust1 Senior Member

    Sth Australia
    That really would knock someone around (Ive only had food poisoning for a day or so and was horribly sick) so dont expect to be back to normal fast. As another said some probotics may help a bit after that.
  7. erin

    erin Senior Member

    I had a massive food poisoning, not only ruined my stomach and intestines, pancreas test was abnormal for months. Very scary. Also ended up having a colonoscopy which was ok in the end. Like every other health issues if you have ME you suffer more. Get well wishes. Take it easy and it is probably ME making it worse and delaying the speedy recovery. Try not to worry so much, stress is really bad as we all know.
    I now use borax regularly, helps for infections of all sorts.

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