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Discussion in 'General ME/CFS News' started by Ian, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. Ian

    Ian Senior Member

    What occurs naturally in nature is calcium fluoride. Calcium fluoride is also almost completely insoluble in water, and is fairly harmless.

    The fluoride compounds they put into the water, H2SiF6 and Na2SiF6 are terrible poisons. They are industrial waste products from the phosphate mining industry and are not found naturally in nature. In fact if you were to contaminate your local water supply or a stream with these compounds it would be considered an act of terrorism.
    Quoting from the bioterrorism paper
    Although hydrofluoric acid is comparatively weak, it can produce serious health effects by any route of exposure due to the fluoride ion's aggressive, destructive tissue penetration.
    The theory is, fluoride works topically when it comes into contact with teeth by killing the bacteria. Ie its like you are drinking mouth wash. Does this sound sane ?

    In fact according to the CDC
    something like 15% of adults have dental fluorosis which is damage to their teeth from being exposed to fluoride. Quite ironic since fluoride is supposed to help protect your teeth. It also destroys your bones, your brain .. etc, but I guess that is another story.

    The reason the US has water fluoridation is because Oscar Ewing took a 750,000 dollar bribe in the 50's. This is how all good politics works.

    I know most people here are real sick. I just ask, are you drinking industrial waste ?
    Here are some videos on the subject.

  2. rwac

    rwac Senior Member

    Now even the government is saying that fluoride levels in water are too high.


  3. Ian

    Ian Senior Member

    Yeah it's incredible really. If you live in an area where they fluoridate the water, it's a nightmare to get out. You need either some hardcore water filter, or a reverse osmosis filter.

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