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Filing a civil class action lawsuit under RICO against Sebelius

Discussion in 'Institute of Medicine (IOM) Government Contract' started by Ecoclimber, Oct 18, 2013.

  1. Ecoclimber

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    There is another legal alternative as well. We can file a civil class action lawsuit using RICO against the HSS Secretary Sibelius, NIH and the CDC for various activities over the years of misappropiations and misuse of funds on an ongoing basis, patent level of discrimination involvint the 14th Amendment. These patten level acts indicate activity of racketeering, by disbursing funds for other projects in violation of Federal Law; contacts with health, medical and insurance agenies and various corporations that develop courses on CBT/GET with a financial interest through shell companies with the above, to purposely obfuscate the medical/biological cause of ME/CFS so these companies would significantly benefit at the expense of the ME/CFS patient community. Using wire, email and other electronic means to faciliated and coverup these activiites coercing those within the department and outside by denying certain patient communites access to proper medical treament and moving them to symptom-based evidence criteria for treatment with psychogenic drugs and therapuetic modalites that research has shown does not work so as to engage in financail collusion with a consortium of medical, health disability/ APA companies and organizations to reduce cost both in medical treatment and disability benefits. Most health plans do not cover the treatemt mentioned to treat this illness.

    By using RICO it will open these agencies up with a can opener in discovery as they are required to hand over and all documents that generally exceed normal rules of discovery.
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    How do we do this???
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